Grant Thornton Interview 2011/2012

Grant Thornton

yh they didnt say that to me.

she just said if you pass, we will contact you for the AC.

So do not know, guess just got to wait for the call…


Hi guys,

did anyone have a telephone interview for a tax grad scheme recently? I have one coming up soon. I would love to know if the questions were relatively the same as in previous years so I can use them for my preparation? Good luck to everyone! Thanks in advance.


is it possible to pass a telephone interview and not go through an AC. has it been the case in the previous years? there’s a section on the GT blog saying it could be the case but wanted to know if anyone had experienced that?


Just had my telephone interview yesterday for Audit:

Why professional services
Why GT
How is GT different
Why do out clients choose us
How would the economy affect GT (service lines in particular)
Why Audit
Why not others etc tax
How does the economy affect our clients
How have we changed the way we do business in light of the current economy
How will the economy affect your day to day role (I mentioned added pressure on Auditors to audit correctly since 2008)

When have you completed a project which had a setback in the middle
What did you learn

When have you suggested an improvement to a current system
Why did no one else think of this


Oh and why not the BIg Four was mentioned in there somewhere


Hi Maletak what kind of things did you mention for how they have changed the way they do business? strugling to find any info on this?