Grant Thornton Graduate Scheme 2015

Grant Thornton


This forum thread is for people applying for graduate roles at Grant Thornton (any country), to ask questions about the company, job applications and the interview and assessment process. Your contributions are much appreciated!


I applied to GT for a graduate role two weeks ago but I still haven’t heard from them whatsoever. Does this mean a rejection or should I wait for longer?


Hi. No, it means there are people ahead of you being filtered out through online testing, interviews and AC.

The email they send out at the application stage (before online testing) reads:
“So what does being ‘on hold’ really mean? Well, it basically means that we are pondering on it… we’ve seen some potential but unfortunately that’s not always enough to get you through to the next stage. It really depends on how many candidates are ahead of you, how the upcoming interviews go and how many offers we have already made. We hate to keep you waiting but also don’t want to cut off your chances too soon. We don’t recruit in a volume based way and try to review you as a unique individual. If you bear with us, we’ll give you a thoughtful, considered answer. Sorry we can’t be clearer at this stage, your application matters to us and we’ll definitely let you know within the next 6 weeks.”

However if you have completed the online tests please call to find out whats going on with your application. I assumed I had been rejected after the online tests as i didnt hear back after completing the online tests (mine where on hold for nearly three months) I called and was told I had passed. I progressed quickly and have a job offer with them less than a month later.