Grant Thornton Graduate Programme 2019

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton is equivalent to buying frozen ribs and sticking them on a BBQ. From my experience atleast.


Hi, I did my assesments last week but still haven’t heard anything back for the VI? :confused: how long did it take you to here back after you sat the online tests?


I don’t understand where your brain is. Coronavirus has pretty much stopped all processes for recruitment, and slowed them down tremendously. Some of us have attended assessment day 5 weeks ago and have heard nothing. Video Interview stage you have a 25% of getting through so just forget about it and start doing some university coursework or something productive.


It’s almost impossible for one to give advice on an SJT. Just pick the answer that is the best. If you can’t do it, find a friend to do it for you. Your Critical Reading/English and reading inference skills must be sub-par.