Grant Thornton Graduate Programme 2019

Grant Thornton

Anyone that has done the interview, do you remember the questions?


Is anyone still waiting to hear if/when they will attend an experience day?


Hi guys. Could you please give any advice about the online tests?
I did some practices on Assessmentday but I’m sure if this would help. My verbal skill is relatively weaker.
Many thanks!!


Hi Jennifer I would advise you following the core values of GT and this assessment isn’t tough


Thank you for the advice! :crossed_fingers:


Hi, Does anyone have any more digital interview questions? Thanks in advance -David


Has anyone completed the digital interview?


Hi, Need info on KPMG assessments. Have info on PwC assessments including VI questions/case study and Grant Thornton VI questions.


@mayflower Hi, could I please have some help with the GT 2020 video interview? I haven’t done the PwC video interview, but could help for the Barclays grad scheme video assessment?


Hi I have a video interview coming up and I guess there’s a case study part of it. Do you mind giving me information on what to expect for the case study? Thanks I’ll appreciate it


can you give any info please? i have mine tomorrow! thanks in advance @Oope


Hey, have you got any advice on how to prepare for the video interview? Thanks


Hi there!
Was wondering if you had to write an email or a formal report?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Faisal, I have just finished my online assessment and can you please give me some advice regarding the VI and later stages?


Video interview gives you around 90 secs per question to answer. I would recommend wearing formal business attire and practicing with a few recordings to make sure you are loud enough for someone to hear. Questions are around your proudest achievement and how you like to get things done. They are around the clearr values. The other half is a mini case study where you write a mini report. Be sure to use proper grammar and structure etc with intro and conclusion as it can be easy to forget.

After you do pass that, give me a shout.

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Thank you for the information. So the case study will purely be a written essay task or I have to present it?


Purely written task :smile:


Hi Faisal, I have just finished my VI but there is no case study so far. Did you get your VI and case study invitation separately?



I’m not sure. My one had the VI and the case study together. They may well have changed the process this year. How did it go by the way?


It was alright but the time allocated to answer each question was really short so have to do it quite briefly