Grant Thornton Graduate Programme 2019

Grant Thornton

Anyone that has done the interview, do you remember the questions?


Is anyone still waiting to hear if/when they will attend an experience day?


Hi guys. Could you please give any advice about the online tests?
I did some practices on Assessmentday but I’m sure if this would help. My verbal skill is relatively weaker.
Many thanks!!


Hi Jennifer I would advise you following the core values of GT and this assessment isn’t tough


Thank you for the advice! :crossed_fingers:


Hi, Does anyone have any more digital interview questions? Thanks in advance -David


Has anyone completed the digital interview?


Hi, Need info on KPMG assessments. Have info on PwC assessments including VI questions/case study and Grant Thornton VI questions.


@mayflower Hi, could I please have some help with the GT 2020 video interview? I haven’t done the PwC video interview, but could help for the Barclays grad scheme video assessment?


Hi I have a video interview coming up and I guess there’s a case study part of it. Do you mind giving me information on what to expect for the case study? Thanks I’ll appreciate it


can you give any info please? i have mine tomorrow! thanks in advance @Oope