Grant Thornton Graduate Programme 2019

Grant Thornton



Whatever is on here. It is strengths based so know what you are good at, how you like to get things done etc. Also know why the role and location.



I completed the video interview and now I have been progressed to a phone call interview(?) I did not know they had included this into the application process, if anyone has any idea about this. Could you please let me know what is involved with this phone call.


Did anyone get to the assessment centre stage?


I have gained an offer for this years intake so let me know if you want some advice.


That would be great! Although my A.C is tomorrow!


Does anyone know what happens at the end of the apprenticeship and what sort of salary to expect then?


Hey if anyone needs help with their GT applications; tests/VI/AC for graduate or internship feel free to reach out to me or DM me, my friend and I recently got our GT offers- he was for internship and I for graduate :slight_smile: I’d love to help you out!


Hey, please can you help me! I’m going to do my video interview and case study today! I haven’t done a case study or anything like this before so I am really stressing! Pleeease help xx


Hey Rochelle251992, I got offer from GT to do the on-line ability assessment. Could you please give me advices on how to complete it ? I’m given a 48hrs time frame to complete it. Thank you so much


So i’ve progressed to the video interview stage but this is for the vacation role, first choice was audit , second CF, any idea what questions are/if same as above