Grant Thornton Graduate Programme 2019

Grant Thornton


Case study questions:

It was about a franchise cafe, the 4 graphs show it compared to 3 other cafes.

  1. Profit streams e.g take away sales, lunch sales
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Features of the cafe - e.g. family friendly, serves alcohol

Sorry can’t remember what the fourth graph was.

Q1. Top level summary of the graphs provided so that the partner has some information in order to attend a business meeting with the company.

Q2. What would you recommend as priority areas for the business?

Q3. Would you like to work on this project and if yes why?

These are roughly what the questions asked I can’t remember the exact wording.

The time went very quickly, up to 5 minuties reading the initial introduction and question.

It does let you print the graphs so if you have a printer send it there asap as I found it easier looking at on paper.


Mine was 2 days after I completed the assessment


Hi, have you received any info on your outcome yet?


They said hire Vue was strong enough to be considered for next stage and now they need to review the whole application to see if being invited to assessment centre. Can take a couple of weeks.


Has anybody been to the experience day yet that can give any tips??


ive finished off the SJT . Has anyone done the video interview and does anyone have any help with that ?


Has anybody been invited to an experience day yet? It’s been two weeks for me since I passed the video interview


Are there any other questions not listed above that they will ask in the video interview? :slight_smile:


Not yet, sometimes they even let you know one or two days before it takes place so yh it’s annoying and if you don’t hear by the date of the experience day, assume you haven’t got through.


Hey, Celyn! How long did it take you to hear back from GT regarding your Experience Day? I saw you on the other forum - I was told I passed the digital interview, & was given a date for the next experience day but I have yet to hear anything back from GT.


I found out exactly a week before the date!! :slight_smile:


Ahh! So well done :slight_smile: Congratulations, Celyn! & all the best to you!


did you hear back at all?


Still waiting for a date for the assesment centre - they must be waiting for more candidates


They usually tell you a week before the day takes place


Anyone been to an insight evening at grant Thornton?



I got an offer a few years back and don’t worry it takes them a while to respond. I would follow up with their hr if another week goes by. I’ve worked in audit, tax and deals so let me know if you neeed help with preparing for answers.


Anyone that has done the interview, what were the questions?


yep done it, its strength based so take that into consideration and know your motivation for applying and why GT etc.


I have the digital interview coming up for an intership. Did you get the same questions as the ones listed here? Also, Do you remember any more questions on top of those?

Thanks if you can provide me with any info at all!