Grant Thornton first interview

Grant Thornton

Hi i’ve got my first interview with grant thornton for audit coming up thursday but there doesnt seem to be much info on here about it. Has anyone been through the process yet? i’ve had an interview with PWC already so im presuming it will be pretty similiar to that?


Is it the telephone interview? When did you take the tests? I’ve completed the tests today but I haven’t heard back. How long did it take to invite you for the interview?


Hey Redfred,

If you don’t mind me asking, what office have you applied to?



hey no this isnt the telephone interview, ive applied to the Cardiff office and by the looks of things they do it a little different, there is no telephone interview or assesment centre here just manager & hr interview, followed by partner.
irina from my experience GT are rubbish at gettin back to you, i had to contact them after a week of doing the tests, they told me they would be reviewing within the next 10 days. in the end i had a phonecall over three weeks later, whereas PWC told me the next day.


I’ve got an interview with Grant Thornton on Thursday too but it’s a telephone one. It took exactly one week for them to get back to me after the online tests with an invite to interview. Good luck redfred!


Thanks for the reply redfred!

The reason why I ask, is because I took the GT test a few weeks back, I was told I had passed them, but my application was on hold as there were quite a few candidates at advanced stages of the recruitment process, so they wanted to see how that pans out I guess. Oh and I applied to the London office.

plintveld, which office have you to applied to?


Hi pancho, I applied to the London office as well and I did the online tests on the 21st Sept. I was a bit surprised that when I booked the interview the earliest one was the 29th Oct and there weren’t many options of dates after that so I guess they had filled a lot of the initial batch of interview slots already. I’m sure they’ll release some more dates soon though.


Argh… Had my first interview today and they said that they only have one place for the audit intern position :frowning: Only 2 will proceed to the next stage.


Hi Plintveld,

You were right about GT releasing some more dates, I was contacted to arrange a telephone interview.

Having had your interview, I was wondering whether you could perhaps detail what questions you were asked? Were they similar to the interview questions that are dotted around wikijob (in regards to Grant Thornton)? Also have you heard back from them and if so, was it good news?




Yea the stuff on here about Grant Thornton is pretty accurate. Here are the questions that I was asked in my interview but there’s no guarantee they will be exactly the same as the ones you will get.

Why did you choose your university course?
Why Audit?
Why Grant Thornton?
Have you applied anywhere else?
What do you know about the ACA qualification?
Why ACA and not ACCA, CA, AAT etc.?
Have you spoken to anyone who works in Audit?
Why Audit and not tax, advisory etc.?
What do you think you will be doing?
What do you think are the biggest challenges you will face?

Give me an example of a time when you:

initiated change
made a difficult decision
motivated a team
adapted your communication style
used judgement to make a decision
solved a challenging problem
created credibility for yourself
managed multiple tasks at once
carried out multiple tasks to a consistently high standard

She then asked if I had any questions to ask. The interview lasted about 45 minutes and personally I thought it went quite well but I got a reply a couple of days ago to say I was unsuccessful! Shame because GT looks like a really good company to work for. Good luck with your interview!


oops, there were meant to be line breaks between those examples. I think you can figure it out anyway!


Hey plintveld!

Thanks a lot for the information, that’s a fantastic recap of your interview! I’m sorry to hear that they didn’t progress with your application…have you got any other interviews lined up?

Lol, yea I figured that there were meant to be breaks, it’s happened to me to in the past!

Thanks again, your help is going to prove invaluable.



Hey guys,

I have the first Interview with GT tomorrow in Manchester and am a little bit nervous… will let you know how it goes!


Good Luck !!! For the Manchester Interview… Hey Just want to know if the location of the job applied makes any difference in the chances of getting selected?

Can anybody tell which city would provide with a better chance to get selected ?


hasan obviously different locations have a different number of roles, the cardiff office only has 2 ACA and 1 CIPFA but i think only around 10 got an interview. Other offices will have alot more places but i’d imagine there’d be alot more competition for them so its impossible to say really. Basically if your good you’ll get an interview no matter where you apply


Well that was interesting… I wasn’t expecting to be hammerd so hard on each individual competencies… But I think I handled it pretty well (thankfully my experiences at university have been varied enough so I can come up with examples to cover everything).

I’m a little concerned that teamworking didn’t come up as a specific competency question and then at the end they asked whether there was any other areas I’d like to discuss and it didn’t click until I’d left that it could have been that! Do you guys reckon that will have knocked me out?


MR_OJR they said exactly the same to me at the end, but we’d covered all the competencies, i think its just a general conclusion to the session. I thought mine went really badly but got a call yesterday sayin i was through to the partner interview, what office was your interview for?


Ah ok… I think I could have been a bit more detailed on my understanding on the professional exams (had a bit of a blank moment as a lot of the apps / interviews I’d had so far were for CIMA and not ACA/ACCA) and sounded a bit more enthusiastic as to why GT (didn’t mention the training centre or anything)… I think as long as they look past these issues (and lack of detail on some examples I had to make up) I’ll be good to go :slight_smile:

I do tend to exaggerate how badly I think things went and then find out it went fine… it worked on both my finals at Uni and my driving test :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine was at the Manchester office with Leeds as a back up… how about you? Good luck on the partner interview, it sounds challenging but also exciting!


And by make up, I mean I had run out of good examples on that subject and had to quickly think of other examples that relate to that competency… annoyingly I almost started on one of my teamwork examples but stopped myself as it was more of a “teamworking” example than a “difficult decision”.

Anywhoo, back to applications :stuck_out_tongue:



I also had an interview today with GT in Manchester. I felt very similar! Felt as though in some aspects I could have answered much better answers and came out disapointed. The end bit also threw me, regarding the bit to ask, as I didn’t say anything. After I asked them questions it then clicked a bit, but I turned it round and asked “Is there anything in particular you would like to know?”. She said “Not really, what has been provided is sufficient enough”. Then, the interviewer called me this evening to invite to an informal event next week and to inform me I had been successful in the Interview and I will be invited to the next stage next week :slight_smile: I’m sure you have done fine!