Grant Thornton audit trainee offer- need to resit aptitude test?

Grant Thornton


Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to hear back from others who have received a formal offer from GT.

I’m in the same boat, however can see that one of the conditions on the contract is passing the aptitude tests if required to resit them following acceptance-failure gives GT the right to rescind the offer.

Does anyone have any information on the procedure for this? It has worried me slightly on the security of my offer as I would like to now put all this application saga behind me with full knowledge that I have a job lined up.

Hope you can help.



Hi Mori, congrats on the offer!

I haven’t got this far either yet, although I have heard they DO make you resit the tests in the summer.

I wouldn’t worry about it, most companies have a policy of relaxing the pass marks at this stage due to added pressure and the amount of info they already know about you. I am sure that even if it all went wrong they would be unlikely to reject you without at least a resit, as they have already given you an hour of the partner and managers time, and must be sure by now that you are capable of doing a few sums.

If you do find out anything more please fill me in by pm!