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I have an assessment day coming up at Grant Thornton, and have been told that one of the competencies that will be in the interview is ‘client relationships’. This is mentioned on wikijob’s Grant Thornton page, and an example question is given here as “Give me an example of time when you have managed a relationship with a client.”. However, in my telephone interview, I was asked 2 or 3 questions per competency, so what other questions will they ask on ‘client relationships’? I’ve made a list of questions that have been asked in the past at Grant Thornton, but don’t have anything on client relationships. Also, I’ve only had experience in dealing with customers in a shop, not clients. Is this ok?



By “client relationship”, they are looking for communication skills with members of the public. For this, i would definitely use your example of dealing with customers in a shop. So long as you can show an instance of being able to convey information effectively and maintaining good relationships then you are okay. I imagine a good answer could be if you had a customer who came in regularly who you built a rapport with.

Good luck with the assessment centre. I have my phone interview soon for Grant Thornton so am also in the process of making examples for the competency. Any chance you could help with possible questions for “creditability”? Seems like your interview went well


Hi, could you post your experience of your telephone interview, I have mine coming up next week.

Good luck with you assessment centre!!


lw07bm – thanks for your advice on client relationships. I did end up using examples of times when I helped customers in the store.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t given an offer after the AC, but it was a great learning experience for me. I did well in the phone interview, so I’ll give you guys my experience of the phone interview.

I was informed that in the phone interview I would be tested in the following competencies: motivation, credibility and communication, commerciality, organisation and leadership, and it would last approximately 45 minutes. What I then did was to go through all of the posts on Wikijob from people who have had their phone interview at GT, and listed the questions that have been asked with what my responses will be, along with examples of when I thought I demonstrated the competencies well, so that I could adapt my examples to other questions. I found this particular thread very useful for my preparation:

The lady interviewing me was very friendly, and it was a standard competency interview. For ‘credibility and communication’, I was asked about giving an example of when I had to convince someone of my opinion, and of when I had to adapt my communication. I wasn’t asked a direct question on ‘credibility’, but from others’ past experiences, I’ve read that people have been asked to give an example of a time when they created credibility for themselves. The post by Vish in the link above (near the end of the first page of the thread) helped me to think of how to structure my example on credibility, in case it came up.

On organisation, I was asked about a time when I had to carry out multiple tasks to consistently high standards, and another question about having multiple deadlines, which was very similar to the first, but I just gave another example demonstrating the same thing really.

I can’t remember the specific questions on leadership. On commerciality, I was asked about how the recent economic conditions are affecting GT’s clients and GT, and a question about where I had made an investment which yielded a high return, but I was told that this did not need to be an example of a financial investment.

The most questions were asked on motivation, so I suggest really preparing well on these, particularly why you want to work for GT and what differentiates GT for you. As far as I remember, I was asked: what do you know about GT, what differentiates GT, who else have you applied to (here I gave names of the other firms I applied to), why audit, why not another service line such as tax, why accountancy and not something else like management accounting. I was also asked about what I knew about what audit involved, and the qualification. I’d also prepared for ‘why GT’, but I wasn’t asked this directly. I’ve read that it’s good to mention their training centre Bradenham Manor in Buckinghamshire, to show you’ve done your research.

At the end of the interview, I had the opportunity to ask questions, and it was all over within 45 minutes. They got back to me a few days later, as they were conducting interviews on other day also, and made the decision after all of the phone interviews were done. I hope this is helpful.


hey econ_grad,

I have an AC coming up and was wondering how you found the manager and partner interview.
Any advice?


Hi nufc_1,

Sorry for the late reply.

I found that the manager interview was very much like the telephone interview, as it was completely a competency based interview. I had 2 managers interviewing me, with one asking nearly all the questions, as they were more senior. I would advise you to have examples for all of GT’s competencies, including those in the telephone interview, as I had some questions that were asked in both, particularly why GT, why audit.

I found the partner interview to be much more relaxed and less structured than the manager interview, as it was a case study interview. You’re given around 40 minutes to prepare for the case study before the interview, and you can’t prepare for this beforehand. Be sure to work quickly, and think through your arguments so that you can justify them. I found the following wikijob advice very useful:

At the end of the interview, the partner asked me general questions like why GT, why audit - so be sure that you’re prepared for these, as they came up in each of my interviews.


Hi there. I got an assessment centre coming up on the 18th in Manchester. Wanted to ask a few questions. First of all, with regards to the manager interview, was it different much from the first round interview? ( i didnt have a phone interview, had a proper one on one interview for the first round). Was the difficulty level more than the 1st round or more or less the same. Would greatly appreciate if you could point out the differences between the two, and whether you have to prepare extra material for it, or is the first round preparation enough?

Also, what were the recommendations you made in the case study? Since its all standard, you could help us out by telling is the imp info contained within the case study/

And its really hard to swallow to get rejected on the AC (got rejected from KPMG)… but did they give you any feedback as to why they chose not to offer you a job?



Guess I’ll see you there Mizraabian80

Thanks for posting on here everyone, great help!


Guess I’ll see you there Mizraabian80

Thanks for posting on here everyone, great help!