Grant Thornton Assessment Centre. Any up to date advice?

Grant Thornton


Anyone been to a Grant Thornton Assessment Centre this year?

Would love to hear how it went and any general advice you can offer :slight_smile:





Hi Bill_GenericNumber,

I have recently completed a GT assessment centre and have been offered a position for sep 2011. The day consists of lunch with current trainees where you are given the opportunity to discuss the life of a trainee and the general issues encountered.

Following the trainee lunch I completed a case study where I had to identify key issues, offer possible solutions and discuss GT’s influence.

Finally I had a manager interview where I was interviewed by two managers from the audit department. This was competency based and slightly different to the first interview.

I am aware that this summary is brief yet if you would like further insight please feel free to ask.



How long after the phone interview did you hear back to attend the assessment centre. I had a phone interview on monday and have yet to hear back. Can I assume that I fail to get to the next stage??



Hi mdbmt,

I have an assessment centre with GT soon. I would like to know more about the case study. Is it a group exercise? And how much time are you given to go through it? This is my first assessment centre and any advice would be very helpful.



Hi amb10,

The case study isn’t a group exercise but is really easy so don’t worry. Its based on a watch company and you have to identify the 3 key challenges the company is facing and recommend possible solutions based on the material within the case study. In addition to this, you have to suggest possible future opportunities for GT in relation to the company. eg. offering process assurance, financial audit or tax advice. Its pretty simple and if you got this far you’ll have no worries. As for the time I am pretty sure it was an hour. 40 mins to read and prepare, 20 mins to discuss the case study with a partner.



I have an assessment day coming up for grant thornton soon.
I was wondering if the manager interview was similar to the HR one. What kind of questions did they ask?
In particular what questions were asked around innovation and change



Hi any chance you can give details as to what questions were asked on the manager interview? Also what did the partner ask you?
Any help would be much appriciated.


Hi mdbmt,

I was wondering whether you would be able to help. I have my first assessment centre with Grant Thornton coming up in a few days for financial services tax, and I would really appreciate your thoughts on your experience of the day you had.

E.g., what did they like about what you said in the manager and partner interviews, especially with regards to the case study, how was the competency interview - was it similar to the first competency-based telephone interview?

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Miss A Mootanah