Grant Thornton - Application Question


At Grant Thornton our purpose is to shape a vibrant economy. We believe that everybody here has the power to shape the future and make a difference. Our purpose is arranged under the three pillars: 1) Rebuilding trust in the UK, its businesses and markets, 2) Unlocking sustainable growth in dynamic organisations, 3) Creating environments where businesses and people flourish. You can see more information here In no more than 250 words, tell us how you feel personally connected to our purpose: What excites you about working with us? What do you do outside of work and/or study that connects to our purpose (e.g. community engagement, activities you have undertaken, clubs, etc). Tell us a bit about what you’ve done, why, and the outcome.

how to answer this???


Ahhh I hate application forms with these questions. I heard that they eliminate so many people straight after they submit the application, just because they are not happy with the answers. It takes so much time to answer this.


should be fine as long as you link to the firms purpose, but yh its takes a while to do i’m currently working on it right now


Hey Faisal,
Were you able to finish it?
I’m struggling a bit to link their purposes.


Yes I’ve finished it and completed the online tests as well.

For the second question is pretty easy just talk about a major achievement. For the first one, I talked about building trust as it mentions “integrity” so I talked about how I have shown that in my part time job by acting honestly with customers etc and show that you feel strongly about the values and try to make it personal. The for the final part, I talked about a project at uni that’s aimed to teach people business skills which links to GT’s value where it mentions the 3rd purpose I think it was. So yh just requires some thought but it’s inportant to make your answer relevant and include examples. Also, 250 is the limit , not the goal so if you don’t know what else to write, no need to waffle.


Hi Faisal,
I was wondering if you have any feedback or tips regarding the strengths assessment?


There is no time limit so that’s a plus. Numerical is pretty easy maybe 1 or 2 that require more thinking but other than that it’s all good. For the SJT make sure you are used to the ranking type rather than best or worst as they can be tricky sometimes.


Thanks a lot. Is the numerical SHL style or CAP like BDO?


CAPP style, relatively straight forward, I got maybe 1/2 that I found needed some thought but you don’t have time pressure so that is a major plus. Just remain calm and don’t panic and by all means double check your answers. Focus on the SJT and ranking them though, that can be hard at times, good luck


Hi , what materials/ websites would you please recommend for the numerical & SJT tests ?


assessment day is pretty good as it has SJT which includes ones where you rank the responses as these are common in the strengths test. Numerical is pretty basic but maybe go through the main numerical tests on that website but they are straight forward, maybe 1 or 2 tops require some thought but you have time so its not too tricky.


@Faisal_Hussain do you remember any of the questions or details for the video interview? I’d really appreciate it!