Grant Thornton 2014 Telephone Interview

Grant Thornton



I haven’t seen anything on GT for their 2014 vacancies and would love to hear about people’s experiences so far in the application process. I have a telephone interview coming up soon and am stressing a lot. Would anyone be kind enough to tell us their experience with the telephone interview this year? Possible questions would be great.

I’ve looked at previous years but they might change so better to be prepared I guess.



I applied 3+ weeks ago, just a few days ago I heard that I am being considered for next stage. Strange. How fast did it go for you? I applied for London Audit.


I applied at the start of September, and was invited for a telephone interview around the 18th after starting tests around the 14th. so you are yet to even take the tests?


Yes, and this is what worries me. Perhaps different offices, intakes etc. operate differently? They didn’t reject me, give me tests, or anything else so far. Just that I am being considered.


hmm. well i’ve applied to London also and they never took long to get back to me really. its a summer internship if that makes any difference.

i’d give them a call. It can’t be normal for them to be taking this long.


I’ve emailed them, and will call soon if nothing changes. I am going for grad intake myself.


Hi Unthink, did you have your interview yet? I’ve got one coming up soon!


Just found out I’ve passed the interview and am now in a pool for assessment centre. Anyone else out there in the same position?


Hi ranare23, when did you apply and what for?


Hi ranare23,

Got the same message a week ago. I assume they haven’t started their AC sessions yet.


What section did you apply for warfo00? I applied for Public Sector Audit in London with a Jan start.


Hello ranare23, Congratulations for passing the interview!
I have applied for the graduate position for January intake, and have my interview soon.
Could you please tell me a bit about your interview experience and the questions they asked? Many thanks!


Hi nayamat_sagi, good luck for the interview! Mine was just over half an hour long and she told me at the beginning that they’d pared down the questions they ask from last year so there wasn’t really anything unexpected. It started with three competency questions, but I’m afraid I no longer remember what they were! One was related to working in a team and one to innovating. Then we moved on to career related questions - Why GT, why public sector audit, and about the qualification you study. I think that was pretty much it, it was certainly a lot less intense than other phone interviews I’ve had!


Thank you for your response and wishes.
Were there other questions as ‘how will the economic environment affects GT, and you in your work as a trainee?’ How did you respond to those?
I was just wondering if there are any new/surprising questions for this years intake. This is my first telephone interview, and so I am a little unsure.


Nope, I’d prepared those kind of questions based on what I’d read about the 2012 interviews but there was nothing like that - must be what they mean by paring down the questions they ask! I can’t think of anything new or surprising, it seems it was a lot simpler than previous years!


Okay, thanks a lot for your comments. Good luck for your AC!


Hi guys Congrads on your successes. Quick question- for your psychometric tests which resources did u use to study.? I’m using assessment day for my verbal and graduate monkey for numerical. Any advice of stuff that worked for you?

Thanks in advance!


Congrats to those of you who have passed the interview ! How hard are the online tests ? Also how much time did you have between the online tests and interview?


Hi all, does anyone know any number GT can be called on? It seems I’ve been waiting too long to hear any real news, good or bad.


I don’t think i can post the link itself but i found thejobcrowd’s grant thornton application and interview tips to be useful. I’m not sure exactly how it works but i think it’s all written by graduates at GT?