Grant Thornton 2012: Experiences?

Grant Thornton

Hello! Did you receive the outcome of your interview?


Hello, i have my telephone interview on 18/10! can you please help me with your experience? what questions did they ask! thank you in advance!


Hi Fanouria, I also have my telephone interview on 18th! Good luck for yours! WHere and what did you apply for?


Had mine on the 13th… Just got an email saying I didn’t make it.


Did GT call you?


hard luck err, shame they email, seems fairer to say on the phone. have you applied for any other companies?
think you could give some ehlp on what questions they asked? Did you think it had gone well or badly?


I have applied for London audit graduate! What about you? Keep fingers crossed… Best of luck!


Keep trying! don’t give up! what questions did they asked you? Thank you!


ecd09ep… I haven’t really… I don’t even have a UK visa… I was pretty surprised they even called me for the interview in the first place. And It should’ve gone well… Except I think they found that i’m not very adaptable.

They pretty much asked the same question listed above… No commercial awareness stuff.

I’m not sure where else to apply… GT seemed like the only place that could arrange me a VISA and since my UCAS tariff is pretty low… i don’t there’s any other such option.


Keep trying, you could apply for mid-tier firms, like baker tilly, pkf, smith and williamson, worth a try!
So what do the ownership and business relationships mean, like what questions were asked on them?
How soon after did you hear back?


Well they asked me if a skill ever helped me satisfy a client… How i had to convince a client to do something else.

I got an email one day after the interview.


what did you believe went wrong with the telephone interview? There are a lot of companies that arrange a visa, search on thei websites! Have you studied in UK?


I don’t really know… We talked about all the stuff that I have done… And there’s a lot that I have done.

And I haven’t… I got a Bsc via the ACCA/Oxford Brookes partnership.


How many questions did they asked you on average? Oh pretty nice, you got ACCA!


They asked me 7 questions… then i asked them 2


What were the 7 questions they asked you? Sorry to be annoying, but really nervous for mine, so any help would be really appreciated!


Why gt
why obu
why audit
what differentiates gt
anything you did to convince an employer… any skills

these are all i remember atm.


What does obu mean?
Were there any team work/ leadership questions?


Oxford Brookes University

Yes. They did ask me when i lead a team to success or something similar.


SO how many questions were you asked, and how long was the interview? Was the interviewer nice? Did she give any indication on the phone about how it went?