Grant Thornton 2012: Experiences?

Grant Thornton

Hi Everyone! Please share your experiences for the 2012 start.


Just had a phone interview today, did not go well at all!


I couldn’t even get past the first selection phase :confused: usually a doddle when you have the required UCAS points & degree (for ACCA, not ACA, though they make no way of distinguishing on their app form), but they must just not like my name.


hi guys
Anyone who has taken the GT numeracy and verbal reasoning test .

please share


hi, just submitted my online application…how long did they take to get back to you? it says within 5 days on the website but did they actually take this long?


hi, just submitted my online application…how long did they take to get back to you? it says within 5 days on the website but did they actually take this long?



So sorry to hear it didn’t go well.

I have mine tomorrow. What type of questions did they ask you?


Hi Mary123,
I did the numerical test on Friday and the verbal on Monday. Today I’ve got an email that I’ve passed them. They are Kenexa, and I would suggest the pass rate is not very high. I am not very good in numerical tests and I still passed this one although I answered only 14 out of 20 q’s and quessed 4 more q’s in the end. The verbal test is not too hard, i think 36 q’s for 24 mins or so… So just do some practice tests, but Kenexa, not SHL and you should be fine!

Good luck


And, by the way, GT really take their time, so they got back to me 5 working days after I submited my application.


Hey Azzerfru :slight_smile:

How did your interview go, any tips? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


hey rainyd

The interview I had it today. It was ok.

They asked me a range of questions.

One tip i think i that you shoiuld definitely think before u answer the questions.

The questions they asked me were:

What do i know about the qualification?
Why Grant Thornton and what differentiates them?
Why be a trainee business adviser in grant thorntonn
Then they asked a similar question: why an actaul business adviser at grant thornton.
Name a time when you turned a bad situation into a good one?
Can you name a time when you’ve seen an opportunity to do something differently? Then she asked a couple of quests based on my response.
Give an example of when you have been able to give good business advice.

the interview is only half an hour long and we finished bang on time. I also asked a couple of quests at the end.

hope this helpd, which office you applying to?


Hey, thanks for your comment, I hope you did well and get to the AC.

I applied for Audit in London and I received an email advising me to prepare for these competences:
Business Insight
Building business relationships (and influencing)

So, that’s quite similar to what they asked you. I have time to prepare…

Good luck!


Hi what service line did you apply to at GT and have you had a reply for your phone interview


hi rainyd

Thanx for sharing, all the best. will update you when l submit.


I received a call last Friday (30/9) saying that I passed the telephone interview (taken on 26/9), and that they are currently setting up ACs, but have no confirmed dates yet. Anyone know when ACs are likely to start?


I received a call at least 2 weeks ago, and I was told they would set up AC, till now, I have yet received any news from them.


I still sucks in online application. T_T It’s really hard to answer the first question: why you have decided to apply to Grant Thornton and what you think differentiates us from our competitors.

Have anyone who has passed the online application, could give me some advice? Million thanks!!! ^^


I have my telephone interview for audit at manchester next tuesday.
Bit stuck on what two of the competencies mean; ownership and building business relationships?
If anyone could help it would be much appreciated! And any further tips on the telephone interview would be great as I’m very nervous! How many questions are you generally asked?


Hi guys, just wanted to do my fair share for everyone and mention a bit about my application with Grant T.

I have applied for Corporate Tax, and currently am waiting to do my telephone interview with them. So I can shed some light on the first two stages (however as I can see above they’ve already really been addressed… still I’ll try and help a bit…)

the first stage is really about doing your bit and research. I don’t think you need to stress too much over it, I most certainly didnt, and I did get let through.

The tests were HARD. not in a numerically challenging way (well there were some mind-provoking ones) but it was the time that seriously hindered me. I think i just barely answered over half the numerical questions (guessed 3 of them) and was let through anyway! The verbal reasoning was as expected, nothing horrific, but remember the passages will be business orientated.

A little question of everyone: Anyone done their telephone interview? I’m being tested on the areas of : Motivation, Business Insight, Initiative, Ownership and Building Business Relationships

Can you shed any light on what kind of questions I should expect ? (Esp for the last 3 topics please! )

Many Thanks!!


Hi everyone!

I have my telephone interview with GT this thusday for audit. Can anyone give a piece of advice. What kind of questions did they asked on previous canditates? How many on average?

Thank everyone in advance.