Grant Thornton 1st interview- not london!

Grant Thornton

So i’ve got a first interview coming up with GT. It’s not for the london office so there isn’t an assessment centre after this, just a partner interview. It’s also a face-to-face interview, not phone. does anyone know what i should expect from this interview? I assume it’ll be roughly the same structure as their phone interviews (ie mostly competency based) but they said it would last an hour which is way longer than i was expecting! Am wondering if they’ll do anything like commercial awareness as well as competencies (at the moment commercial awareness is by far my weakest point!)
any insights would be greatly appreciated…wish me luck!


See [[commercial awareness]] and [[partner interviews]]. The interview will feature competency questions, commercial awareness questions and general chat/CV questions. If your commercial awareness is poor, start reading the FT and my [[wikijob blog]]!