Graduates with post graduation work experience

Kingston Smith

A couple of months ago I applied for a North West based small accountancy firm. Only in a few days after posting my application form, CV etc I got a letter from them saying I do not meet their pre-selectin criteria; they do not take on trainees individuals with post graduate work experience.

I have been working full time for about three years in a non graduate finance role. I meet all their academic requirements (they ask for 2:1, 280 UCAS). I was surprised when I got this letter and can’t see what fault it is having some work experience after university. They didn’t say that on the website though! I wonder is it right to reject people on this ground? Not to mention I spent hours filling out form, writing open questions and covering letter, I felt it some kind of discrimination. You think work experience can only do you good. Some firms like Kingston Smith requires all applicants have minimum 6 month (I think!) work experience…Any advice?


Its not really discrimination per se. All firms act differently, like you said some firms see experience as a vital thing and some others I have came across don’t really want people who gained experience elsewhere as they want only ‘clean’ graduates that are taught from scratch and don’t carry the traits that they have gained from other places. This is because some employers see this as a negative thing as graduates do things that they were taught previously and not the way THIS employer does it.

Each to their own really, both carry there pros and cons.


Hmm…just very annoyed you essentially having wasted hours completing the application. They didn’t tell you this criteria on their website. Those requiring work experience would say it clearly on website. So if you haven’t got it don’t bother applying yet.
Still a bit suspicious. In the world that people couldn’t get into a dream job due to lack of experience, a bit bizzare someone wouldn’t even look at your application because you have relevant experience.


A little bit strange. Many firms rejected for god knows reasons. At least they told you in the letter