Graduates and the job market?


Do we believe everything the government tells us about the current stats for Graduate recruitment?

Having been a business owner and having worked in the recruitment sector for some time there has always been competition for top graduates in every major industry. The speed at which these individuals get work has always amazed me and the salaries paid have usually been heavily inflated.

Over the past 4/5 years we have seen huge changes in the volume recruitment side of the market and salaries have dropped however there still seems to be plenty of work about for the top performers.

I am always looking for top graduate talent to join my business and after reading so much in the papers recently about the 1000’s of graduates without work I decided to advertise for Engineering Graduates to work within our technical Global Engineering division but have not had one response to an advert or via referral.

Equally I failed to see what else was on offer for Graduates as the ‘Apprenticeship’ schemes are only applicable to school leavers as they require you to go to college for 1 day per week.

I guess I would be interested to hear anyone’s views on this and why it is, as we are told, so difficult?

Have we been victims of a labour infused hysteria of sending everyone to University regardless of the long term plan. Have the degree courses been to blame or are graduates with core subject (Mathematics, Physics, English, IT) or core vocational (Engineering, Architecture, Marketing etc) degrees suffering as much as those who chose a degree based on ‘having some fun for 3 years’?

What about the grades? Do you feel employers are demanding higher grades now due to the volume of graduates coming out with 2:2 and 3rd class degrees.

Anyway, lots to get talking about so any views and opinions would be appreciated.


Paul Baker
Wells Tobias Projects
Wells Tobias Oil & Gas