Graduate Tax or Masters in Informations Systems?


Hey, just seeking an advice.
I have an offer from one of the Big$ which I am happy ot accept but at the same time I have an offer from Warwick Business School for MSc Informations Systems & Management course which I will sorry to reject.

What would you persoanlly choose and do you think there is any chance to talk to my employer regarding the deferred entry? How do you think a masters degree potentially affects the promotion within a company and will the absence of such limit my career growth within a company?



I studied a Masters in Information Systems (not from Warwick) and after speaking to big 4 consultants it does not make much difference although some masters graduates progressed quicker. Personally I would accept the job offer.


Thanx. I thought about everything and I will be accepting a job offer.
Being an international student for another year means another 35k gone and having computed the present value of all the benefits it will bring I am choosing a job offer.
Although, kinda feel sorry for missing out on this course. Really liked the idea.