Graduate software development in IBM


Hi I have passed IPATO and have been invited to first round selection on september 8 for role of software development at hursley. If anyone going on same date please let me know. Any suggestions hot to get through the first round.


Hi! I was about to write the same post jeje (You read my mind…) I have been invited to first round selection too…I am Maite and I am from Bilbao,Spain…

This is my email if you want to get in touch with me:

Regards and good luck!!



hii maite, gud to hear that. so howz ur preparation going on…i tried mailing you but couldn’t send the mail dnt know why…im a bit nervous what about you…


I’m a bit nervous too… I am doing some numerical series, if you want check this page (It is in Spanish but maybe it helps… :slight_smile: ) If you have some doubts, feel free to ask me

Otherwise, I don’t know how to prepare other activities… (I have to practise my English, but I think you don’t have to do this… jaja)

I don’t know what happen with my email… I think it is OK…