Graduate Schemes at Smaller/Mid-size Consulting Firms


Hello. Does anyone know about graduate schemes at smaller consultancy firms that might consider graduates with 2.2’s but still pay decent salaries and offer decent prospects in south or Mid UK? Do smaller consulting firms usually run grad schemes? What kind of questions usually come up at interview at consulting firms?


Unfortunately this is pretty unlikely. Most smaller consultancy firms are made of experienced consultants, and generally speaking don’t run any kind of grad scheme. Furthermore, with a 2.2 your chances are pretty slim. Your only real hope is to get into a niche consultancy, maybe environmental consultancy or something like that, and build you CV that way. With a 2.2, entry into management consultancy is going to be next to impossible!

Sorry to be a drag!


…so… is there anything I can do? Qualifications? MA? More specialist training? Other jobs for a year or so before re-applying?



You could try, the money spinner for a consulting role is probably an MBA, but you still might not get a consulting job at the end, and MBA’s can be expensive.


I wouldn’t suggest you go down the MBA route if you’ve just graduated. Most decent MBA courses won’t let you in without a few years experience under your belt. There is a good reason for only taking grads with 2:1 and above - consulting is tough work, and those who have stuck out their course (regardless of the subject) have shown that they have both the brains to get the degree and the ability to see it through to the end.
Sorry, but your chances of getting into consulting with a 2:2 are very limited. I work in a small consultancy of only 30, and we do a grad course, but our entry criteria are the same as the big boys - we only take those with at least a 2:1.


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The problem with smaller consultancies is that they simply don’t have the resources or the money to employ and train graduates, so they’re even less likely to employ you as it’s been said. If land a job and work really hard for it and do extremely well (for example if you are recognised as being very knowledge for X industry sector), you might be able to get into consulting as someone with expertise in a particular field, but that would be much later on in your career.


Generally COnsultancy iv found to be even more Oxbridge orientated than IB (startegy consultants) so with a 2.2 its gona be difficult!

I had a friend who got a 2.2, spent 1 yr as a MC recruitment consultant, then managed to get a job with Axiom as a client development officer, assisting the consultants (who were ex McKinseys/Bain) to organise meetings, sell services to big companies etc, and now hes a trainee MC! Key is to get into the right areas and network, but this doesnt mean accepting any job, look for somewhere where u can progress.