Graduate Scheme Difficulty


I am primarily looking at applying for a career in Consulting. However, I’m looking at the finance / banking schemes as a backup. Could somebody outline the tiers / difficulty brackets in terms of Corporate Finance and Investment Banking?

Eg. Consulting is roughly 1) McKinsey, Bain, BCG 2) Tier 2 strategy firms 3) Big Four.



Hi there,

I’m pretty sure this information is fairly accessible via google and so I won’t go in to the tiers/ difficulty brackets. However, I will say be cautious of applying to finance/ banking schemes “as a backup”. These are extremely competitive schemes (especially Corp Fi and IB!) and in my experience, if you manage to get through to interview stage, it can become clear to the interviewer if it isn’t something you really want. You will be competing with students that are determined to secure these roles and have aligned their work experience and knowledge towards them. My advice would be: decide exactly what you want and drive towards it with all of your time and energy!

Good luck!