Graduate roles at Lloyds Bank UK


Graduate assessment days and interviews at Lloyds UK.

Assessment centres and assessment days are one of graduate job seeker’s greatest fears and it’s not surprising! Sitting in a room with ten to twenty other people and actively competing for a job is a harsh cut throat process! Furthermore, some assessment days can be plain odd.

Lloyds for example, offer one of the more bizarre assessment centre rituals at their assessment centre based in Telford. Once you arrive you will be put in a room with up to ten other people and given a fat load of computer print outs.

You will then be told to imagine you are working for a department store, and you have been on holiday for two weeks, and that these printouts are the emails that you find in your inbox upon your return.

You will then be told to construct your day around fulfilling certain tasks (such as meetings, presentations, group exercises and a one-to-one interview) all based around the department store role play.

Reports suggest that it is very easy to get carried away with the intricacy of this test scenario. Apparently Lloyds staff even play along, and you might find yourself preparing to meet the manager of the lingerie section of a Paris clothes store and actually meet a boring old bank manager instead, intent on pretending that he really is a French fashionista!!


thanks for that i got one coming up soon, i’ll let everyone know of any changes they’ve made to the assessment centre


…have you seen this too - - ?

Good luck mate!


…have you seen this too - - ?

Good luck mate!


Yeah i used that for my telephone interview, thanks for the best wishes have you been to Lloyd’s assessment?


No I haven’t, but I’m interested in applying… Would be really interested in your interview feedback! …where else have you applied…just other retail banks?


Ok i will let know what happens, applied to Grant Thornton (second stage) and RBS (fast-track app) not many other apps i need to start applying to more investment banks and top 10 accounting firms. how about yourself?


How did it go?


How did your interviews go Gerrard?


I have a telephone interview with lloyds on tuesday, they seem to ask very strange questions.
Can anybody give me more information about the telephone interview???
Also do they ask why do you want to work for lloyds etc( the standard stuff)



  • [[telephone interview]] and
  • [[competency based interview]]
    also have a quick look at [[commercial awareness]].

Expect basic, general, but taxing questions about why you want to do the job, why you want to work for this company and questions about your life and work experiences.

Let me know how it goes! Good luck!


hey, i have a telephone interview coming up soon… it would be greatful if you can give any hints on what sort of questions came up. thank you


what are the competencies they test in the interview? anyone know?

In the email they sent me to confirm my interview they said they wouldn’t disclose the list of competencies this time.