Graduate Programs with No Psychometric Tests or Assessment Centres

Slaughter And May

I’m curious, are there any graduate programs in accounting/professional services or investment banking/financial services that don’t require psychometrics tests or assessment centres - Just a CV, cover letter and one or two interviews? Or in consulting?

I don’t mind psychometric tests or assessment days, I don’t love them but I don’t mind having to do them if required. But I noticed that many top tier law firms just use the CV, cover letter and one or two interview approach (ie Slaughter and May, Herbert Smith, even Freshfields I think) - They also get thousands of applications for only a few spots but still prefer doing it the old fashioned way.

I actually reckon the old fashioned way has alot going for it, in that if a person can’t sell themselves with a CV or cover letter then chances are they wouldn’t be right for job. But I suppose it requires staff to look over all the applications, but law firms still manage to do it!


None in my experience sadly. I think the mandate for what law firms look for is also different to [[investment bank]]s and [[accounting]] firms. I know in other countries law firms have been using application forms for a while, however unlike investment banks or accounting firms, it’s one form for all the firms you want to apply to, which has both pro’s and con’s.