Graduate programmes application forms / Competency-based questions


First of all, I would like to say a big thank you this forum for all the invaluable advice and support I received during the whole graduate recruitment.

I used to find the whole process of completing graduate programmes’ application forms pretty boring, so I got all the competency/movational questions written for me by They used to write some great / highly professional answers for me that always got me through the online tests stage. I placed more than ten orders to them as I wanted my application forms to be completed by HR experts and I was pretty serious about it.

If you guys need my answers that you could also use during the grad programme application/interview stages just let me know. They are useless to me now, so I wouldn’t mind sharing them.


Hello , thank you for your post. I am an international student and I am facing big problem with answering the motivation questions. Can yo u please help me?