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Hi im starting an MSc in International finance at Kingston Uni in Septemeber and would like to pursue a career in Tax consultancy/audit. I was born in Malta and was educated there so sat for 2 A levels and 4 Intermediates, I got two C merits at A level and A, B. B, C at Intermediate level which gave me an overal average of B. Our system before was the UK system of 3 A levels, therefore the 4 Intermediates are meant to make up for the 3rd A level. I then did an undergraduate degreee in Law with European Studies at the University of Malta and got a 2.1 with an average of 69.2%. I spent 3 months doing an internship with Malta’s leading international law firm and 8 months working for a Maltese consultancy firm at their representative office in London. In these 11 months I did Company Sec work because of my legal background. What do you think my chances are of gettin onto a good grad programe at a big 4 firm or a top 50 accountancy firm? Im worried about my A level results because when I add up my UCAS points I have 320 points (I exclude the 4th Intermediate as its General Studies) but my 2 A levels are C merit and the fact that I did not attend a top 10 uni (only because the tution fees for the same masters degree at places like LSE and City cose 10,000 more than the one at Kingston)…what do you guys think?



I think you can comfortably get into a {[big 4]]. What’s most important is that you at least get a 2.1 in your degree. If you manage that you are in with a great chance.


I got the 2.1 already in my LLB from the university of Malta so now im going to concentrate on getting the best grade possible in my masters and im planning on writing my dissertation on a tax/audit topic.

Thanks for the encouragement!


You have:

  • multiple languages
  • experience at a leading law firm (working abroad)
  • experience at a leading consultancy (working in the UK)
  • Solid grades
  • Masters

You have an excellent chance of getting a job at any [[list of accounting firms|accounting firm]], and I would expect, a good chance of getting a job at a consulting firm or even an investment bank in the UK.

Good luck!


I second Redsuperted’s sentiments, you do stand a very good chance of getting a job with the Big 4!


I think you do not need top 10 for BIG4. They require good grades. TOP10 are for IBanks, in my view. I am doing the same as you because of the fees. If you did well on your exams and projects + work experience+pass the recruitment process you are done.
Good Luck!


Thanks guys for all your positive comments! I’m going to start completing the application forms fingers crossed!


If anything, set you sights a little higher and apply to a range of jobs- you can probably od better than [[big 4]] [[audit]] (no offence to anyone else!)


I am going to apply for diffrent positions in finance however I would eventually like to start a family and do not want to be working 100 hours a week and thats why ill rule IB out.


Fair enough, your decision is quite sensible! Finance positions vary a lot, from the standard 9-5 to some fairly high pressure roles, but having an [[ACA]] from a [[big 4]] will set you up for life. You could easily take a 10 year break and go back on a 50k+ salary straight after.