Graduate jobs in logistics


Hey all,

My boyfriend graduated from uni 2 years ago and has been working as a store manager in retail for about the past 18 months or so. He’s interested in going into logistics. Unfortunately he only has a 2.2 and doesn’t know ho much this will impact on his chances?

Does anyone have any info as to what companies would consider an applicant with a 2.2 (or consider his experience as making up for a lack of 2.1)?

Any general info on logistics graduate jobs/recruitment process etc would be really appreciated.



Hi there,

Well, personally I think that it is generally easier to get some job in logistic then in the industries like accountancy or banking. And the degree varies from companies to companies for example some logistic companies might not require 2:1 degree. I think that he is a little bit disadvantaged in comparison to students who have 2:1 or first but he has still good chances I think. That´s my opinion.