Graduate jobs at Northern Rock December 2007


I’ve been thinking about the current crisis at Northern Rock and the potential buy out by Virgin and am wondering if now would be a good, or bad time to think about joining Northern Rock as a graduate associate.

Northern Rock are obviously doing very badly, but would a potential buy out herald a good chance to start working for a company about to have quite literally billions of pounds pummelled into it?

Looking forward to any answers you may have!



I doubt it. They’ve said they’re keeping the staff they’ve got from Northern Rock and implementing a natural redundency (through natural staff attrition)!!

I suppose there might still be a graduate programme though… it’s worth contacting the company next september I would have though… but I think their main itnerest right now would be figuring out how to pay back the 25 billion they owe… rather than hiring you!!



I think Richard Branson is having them. From my point of view, it looks like a great investment opportunity, and the Virgin brand and knowhow is probably just what they need to bring them back from the brink of destruction.


the rock will be under bank of england umbrella i guess. the bank has paid mounts of bonuses to its current staff of high calibre.


I suspect the virgin deal will go ahead as planned!