Graduate Job without Internship


Hi guys,

For tax, I was wondering how crucial it is to have an internship in your CV to get a job for Tax graduate placements. I can’t seem to be getting any succesful applications in so far and I am getting quite worried now.


In all honesty, these days employers value experience over degrees now. You can be a history student with an interest in financial services and if you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge in this area you can be successful. Having internships etc show to the employer that you’re serious about working in tax, but also that you (should) have some skills that can be applicable to the roles that you are applying for. With the applications you can talk about uni, but its slightly more difficult to make it relevant in a professional environment - depends how good you are at applications.
You don’t need me to tell you it is very competitive with graduate jobs these days and you need to offer something that makes you stand out, which usually comes in the form of internships, placements or some sort of work experience. I would strongly suggest you do an internship before resuming the graduate applications for two reasons. 1) The experience will help you not just for graduate jobs, but for jobs after that. 2) It will let you know if you actually want to be in that industry. I say that from experience. I was sure I wanted to be an accountant, I got a summer job as assistant financial accountant, and I now know I do not want to be an accountant.