Graduate interest-free loan - Big 4


Hi all!

I know that Deloitte and KPMG (as I’m sure EY and PWC too) offer a £7k interest free loan for graduates…

After reading the small print though I’ve noticed it says ‘if eligible’…

Can someone with experience explain when one would NOT be eligible for this loan? I am very much depending on this initial loan as I have a lot of debts to pay off and can’t afford a deposit/first month rent for new accommodation at the moment.

Thank you!!


Hi there,

I work for PwC so not sure if it will be the same…
Basically you fill in a form stating your salary and then any commitments you have (any other loans etc. not including student loan). You also have to give estimates of money you spend on food, socialising and loads of other stuff! Finally tou have to send in copies of your last 3 bank statements. This last point only applies if you dont already have an account with HSBC or if it’s not your ‘main’ account. Then they give you the loan!

I don’t know anyone in my year who has been refused. Oh yeah, forgot to mention - you need to open a HSBC account if you don’t already have one or else you wont be able to get the loan.

As I said this is only for PwC, I have no idea what the rules are for the other firms. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help dai_t75!
It seems straight forward then that’s a relief.

Will update with the fine details for KPMG and Deloitte once the offer letters get sent!