Graduate Finance Schemes for Internationals


Hey guys,

I’ve already applied to KPMG and PWC but need to know when all the other major accounting bodies are open to graduate applications from internationals. I don’t know if E&Y or Deloitte are open even, their websites can be very confusing. I know that there is a squeeze on all international applications so I want to make sure I apply at the right time.

What other major multinational firms accepts internationals who want to break into finance? I’m looking to do ANY financial qualification, CIMA/ACA/ACCA - but need a firm that will provide a work permit.

Thanks for your help!


Investment Management qualification? then apply Bulge Brackets, they are happy to provide work permits to able overseas students.

Accounting qualifications are limited to big 4. other corporates do not consider internationals, i guess, for their finance schemes.

have you got any response from any of the big 4 yet?
Good luck