Graduate Fashion Merchandising Scheme



Ive got an Assesement Day for Graduate Merchandising Scheme with New Look…Has anyone been on this before??

Any help would be great as Ive never been on one before



I can’t give you specific tips for New Look, but I can give you some general advice. I used to work in recruitment for several fashion retailers, so I know a fair bit! Could I ask you tho - if you can - please give us some information about your assessment day after it takes place too? That would be very useful for WikiJob!

First of all I’d say some general advice about retail right now - the industry is in dire straights. Retailers haven’t been doing very well for ages (more people buy things online now than on the high street) …and the credit crunch has, is and will see retailers continue to struggle and probably some big names go bust. I’d do some research into the retail industry in general, and specifically research fashion retail too. You’ll probably be asked some questions about it, or at least for your views on it. Think about what [[New Look]] need to do to stay ahead of the credit crunch and keep their brand afloat.

Saying that, its worth noting that fashion retail is doing better than general retail overall and that the New Look brand is doing ok compared to some of its competitors (e.g. Monsoon). Have a think about its main competition (Topshop, H&M, etc) and how they compete with each other. Also think about internet only brands such as (As seen on screen) who are doing very well right now, and think about what New Look could do to improve their sales - for example, developing their internet sales division.

Have you seen the WikiJob page on [[Merchandising]]? Have a look if you haven’t. Bear in mind that the people fashion retailers hire for merchandising roles are people that are good with numbers AND have a passion for fashion retail, rather than people who just like fashion.

It is just, if not more important that you demonstrate good numerical ability, good [[teamwork]]/[[communication]] skills and good analytical skills, than just your enthusiasm for fashion and of course the New Look brand itself. This is where most people fall down in fashion merchandising interviews… don’t spend too long talking about fashion and how you want to break in to buying/design/some other part of fashion even if this is what you want to do… your interviewer wants to hire a MERCHANDISER… so you need to demonstrate the relevant skills for this position - numerical ability. I can’t stress this enough!


Hi Redsuperted,

thank you very very much for all your advices. Just a simple and quick question: wnat do ypu mean exactly with numerical ability? And how can you demonstrate this skill? In numerical test & Assessment centres or also in face to face interviews?


Thanks for the info Redsuperted. Do you know anything about Next AC tho? The role I applied for is Merchandiser as well. Anything would be appreciated!!!


Hi Jayne,

I’ve got my assesment day for merchandising role with New Look this week. How did yours go? Can you give me any advice?




How long did it take u guys to get a reply from New Look once submitting your application online. I’m in London if that makes any difference.

Just that I also applied to Arcadia for distributor role in merchandising and they got back to me really quickly with a telephone interview and i just had the assessment centre, which went well.

But i still haven’t heard anything from New Look. I mean if you fail on your application do they contact you or not?



how was your telephone interview- what sort of questions did they ask? i have mine in a couple of days and im pretty nervous as i’d really love the job! congrats on getting through to the assesment centre, have you heard anything yet?




I’ve got through to the assessment centre for arcadia to be a baa. has anyone got any tips for me? will be going in two weeks time.


Hi Essebella - how did your AC go? Where there a lot of people interviewing with you? Hope you are successful!



I got through the AC. It was one of the nicest ones I’ve had! It was quite laid back, had only 3 of us for the group task and was a friendly atmosphere. They got back to me the next day and said I was successful so now I’m on the waiting list for an available position. Here’s to 2010!


That’s awesome! :slight_smile: Do you know roughly how long you will have to wait to start? Well done!


No idea, but it’s come at a good time as Sky, Tesco and Cancer Research all came back to me the same day for further stages with online testing and ACs. Can’t put all your eggs in one basket! What is it that you do Redsuperted as you seem to know your stuff!


I have never been on an assessment before. Most of the jobs that I applied with have aptitude tests and then interview - sometimes it’s a panel interview or a series of one-on-one interview with the HR department. I hope all went well with your assessment.