Graduate Atkins Middle East program




I have passed the online assessment test for graduate engineer position in middle east. I was wondering if anybody here could tell me about the telephone screening interview stage. When the interview will be scheduled after the passing the test and what would be the typical questions i need to expect.

M Haris


Hello Haris,
I am interested in knowing more about the online assessment…could you please share your experience?


Dear haris,

           I have completed my online exams, waiting for the telephonic interview, have you faced the same from Atkins, Can you advise me something about that?


if you have passed your online assessment, then you would get confirmation in next 24 hours. Telephonic interview will takes at least 2 months to be scheduled.


dear haris,

           what will they likely to ask? can you advice me?



I too have Passed the online assessment test; and have appeared in the Competency based telephonic interview for Graduate Engineer program 2015.

May I Know how much time does it takes to confirm, if I have qualified the Competency based interview as they told me that they will get back to me within 2 weeks and time is about to Complete without any response. More ever can you tell me about the technical interview, how to prepare and what are the Expected questions that might be asked.

Thanks & Regards


Hello Anonymous,
I am in the exact same position as you. I was told 2 weeks as well. What questions did you ask at the end of your telephone interview, what were his remarks. Did you make use of STAR Technique, Situation Task Action Result while answering questions?


It is a numerical and verbal test. 28 questions each with 20 minutes allotted for each assessment.
Both of these definitely need practice because time management is really crucial; numerical assessments are based on pie charts and diagrams and questions responsive to these.
Verbal assessments would be true or false questions but these are harder than the numerical assessments because you have to read large, complex paragraph prior to answering the questions. I would recommend timed practice and a cool head.