Grade query


Any chance getting into a decent accountancy firm with good career prospects with 2.2 in Maths from UCL but expected 1st in Financial Mathematics from Sussex Uni


Do you have a decent reason for getting the 2.2? I would expect you probably could do. Automated application systems might reject you because of the 2.2 so you’re probably best calling HR and talking this through with each of the [[big 4]] seperately. Good luck!


I just had a really bad last year, I got 2.1 in both of my first years and also only missed 2.1 overall by 1%. I am not necessarily interested in big 4. Would I have shot at the slightly smaller companies


A lot of smaller firms wil take you if you can prove yourself. I know [[Grant Thornton]] used to take 2.2 as a minimum requirement, don’t know if they still do (look on their website). You can still get into [[big 4]] but it’s a real stretch- they have plenty of 2.1 and 1.1 to choose from.


Don’t let your 2:2 stop you from applying! As Redsuperted said, give HR a call before applying and send in your application!