Government Management Scheme - Government Finance Profession


Has anyone been on a assessment day for this? Anyone want to shed some light!

They’ve only had one so far and they have another one of the 5th Dec,

it’s for roles such as HM treasury/Home Office/DEFRA/ all those sort of things


anyone else applied for this programme?? if so anyone heard back?


Hi - yes I have been invited to their assessment day. Did you guys? Any advice would be appreciated! Many thanks!


Yeah, actaully I got that job!


Hi - congratulations on getting the job! Thats awesome! I have my assessment centre with them this week and I’ve done no prep work as I have been busy with other assessment centres. Can you offer me some advice please? What to prepare, what they will ask me in the interview, the etray exercise, the briefing presentation and group exercise?

Im absolutely nervous. What dept are you working in? On the application they specify that you choose three dept’s that you want to work in, do they ask you q’s about each one on the assessment day??

I appreciate all you help.



zak250, when is your assessment centre? I have mine on Tuesday.


Freelancer - mine is later in the week. All the best with yours. I would appreciate if you would share your experience as I have not done much preparation. Having said that, what prep have you done so far?


zak250, sure I will share my experience with you. This will probably be Wednesday, hope that’s not too late. As I currently have a temporary job, I am working full time. I didn’t get the chance to do much prep. I mean you can’t really prepare for the individual or group exercise. From my understanding, the interview is competency based anyway. So probably good idea to think of some examples of competencies that they are looking for. That’s a guess, will let you know the actual thing on Wednesday.


Hey Freelancer - great timing! Just got home from work too! I’m working full time so that’s a pain. I have done the usual prep for competency interview, and the rest is just pure exercises, so like you cannot prepare. Good luck with it all tomorrow! I hope it goes well and I look forward to reading about it tomorrow!

I have used the information on wikijob about the assessment day, you should check it out here…


Hey freelancer - how did it go?


Hey zak250, good timing. I only just got back. umm…I think I messed up the written exercise. It is by far the most difficult. So much information to take in. But the other 3 were alright. Each of the candidate had a schedule in which they follow in completing the tasks. Mine was Interview, Briefing exercise, Group discussion and finally written exercise.

To start off with, the Interview:
Approximately 1 hour. It was based on 3 competency questions (working with others, planning and organising, drive). They expect quite detailed examples as you can imagine. Nothing to worry about I think as long as you have got a few examples up your sleeve.

Briefing exercise:
1 hour in total (40 minutes to analyse information, 10 minutes to present your information and up to 10 minutes of questions from the assessors). This case idea is the same as last year. The way I did it was to unstaple the document (I think it was 13 pages!) and annotate the sheets with ideas that I was going to present. Other candidates had written notes on the sheet of paper and when it came to presenting, they didn’t really know where to begin. So I think my method worked for me. Time management is quite important here. I think given that I am not the fastest reader, I managed to read through the document and presented my case. So not too bad afterall.

Group Discussion:
Up to 1 hour and 15 minutes (25 minutes reading the case and up to 50 minutes discussing the points). You have to select 6 training courses out of I think 10 and argue your case for your decision. Not too much information to process. It is deciding which ones to pick that is the key issue here. During the discussion, I would imagine you will be aware that everyone needs to be involved and no-one should dominate. I think I had a good group, we all share ideas, no-one spoke on top of another person and we only took 35 minutes to reach an agreed decision. Again, not too bad, just need to make sure you speak an adequate amount and make reasonable contribution in reaching the conclusion.

Written Exercise:
1 hours 30 minutes. The case is about a company car scheme. Too much information to process. We were advised to spend 15 minutes to read the case (16 pages). It took me almost 30. There are two parts to the questions. First part took a lot of time. Make sure you leave enough time for the second part as they are equally weighted. Not enough time to complete the second part. By far the hardest tasks. Most candidates found it hard, so I think is a case of who performed the least bad if you know what I mean.

Just some info on this graduate scheme that I found out today: over 2000 people applied, and 150 people are selected for the assessments for 50 vacancies. So 1 in 3 gets the job. Not too bad!! I am not too sure how I performed overall and having to wait 4-8 weeks for the result is just too long.

Anyway, I hope that helps. Good luck, by the way, when is yours?


Hey Freelancer,

Thank you very much for the information. I just noticed mine is on Monday. But I also have another assessment day next week so stressed about having enough time to plan for both. Your insight is extremely useful and I appreciate it very much!!

However, just a couple of questions, hope you do not mind. With the briefing excercise, you said it was the same as last year. Can you elaborate? I didn’t attend this last year. What is the objective/question of this exercise?

Also in the interview, did they ask for anything other than competency, i.e. why public sector? etc.

Any other tips appreciated! Im sure you did well, you sound educated enough to and a one in three chance is not bad either!

Cheers Freelancer


zak250, thanks for the encouragement.

For the briefing exercise, I meant the background information is the same as the one in the link that you posted. Basically you will be given 3 options to choose from. But one of them is very obvious that is not suitable. So I focused on the other 2 and analysed pros and cons of each. Just an additional info, there were 2 interviewers.

For the interview, it was solely competency-based questions for me. Maybe that’s because by the time they finished asking the questions, we already ran over by 2 minutes. I did prepare some information for why I wanted to work in the public sector, in particular the department which I applied to but I never got the chance to use it. Again, there were 2 interviewers for this one. Not that it will make any difference, but just so you know what to expect. :slight_smile:

In terms of other tips, I think maybe a good idea to get to know people that you will be working with on your group discussion beforehand. It certainly made my group discussion went quite smoothly. Apart from that, I think it is just time management on the briefing exercise and written exercise. I can’t stress enough how hard the written exercise was.

Which company is the other assessment centre for?

All the best with both of them.





Has anyone applied to this scheme, just got my date through for the assessment centre and wanted to know if anyone is staying in the hotel they offer the night before, my interview is on the 1st


Hey, is anyone attending the assessment centre on 2nd Dec?


Hi guys,

Anyone attending on the 3rd of Dec? I would really appreciate a brief ‘heads up’ from anyone attending the scheme before me.

Good luck guys, wish you the best.


Hiya< has anyone attended any of the assesment days this week? if so can you give a brief insight of what to expect. Thanks


I was wondering what marks you guys has got on the numerical and verbal reasoning tests?? as i’m kind worried that mine was not good enough.



I applied for this last year! Time flies.

I do not remember them paying travel expenses.

Honestly not worth doing the tests if you dont want the job 100%!

Rachel :slight_smile: