Government jobs - drug test


dear all,
can anyone inform me if the gchq drugs test and the ones used by the security services mi5 mi6 use urine based drug test or hair based?


I think it’s both. Bear in mind that the application/interview processes are usually very long. For example, your drugs test may be as much as nine months after your initial application, and nine months is usually enough for any prior drug taking to get out of your system.


For GCHQ they drug test you at the AC by taking a hair sample. I passed the AC but failed the security vetting. Had to wait 9 months for them to tell me ‘no’.


why did you fail the security vetting?


Honestly no idea, which is why I was so angry about it - they won’t disclose the reasons. However I think it could have been for one of three reasons:

  • I have an Italian girlfriend.
  • I lived in China for a year and have many Chinese contacts (mostly the school kids I taught but it still made the vetting team paranoid).
  • Perhaps they were unable to obtain sufficient background information on me for certain parts of my life - I’ve lived abroad in Italy too.

I had to sit through a 6 hour vetting interview, they interviewed quite a few of my friends in great depth, as well as past employers etc… They want to know EVERYTHING about you. I was even told to delete friends from Facebook. Apparently less than 50 friends is an acceptable number for a budding spy.

I guess I should have thought about the vetting before I applied, however they made absolutely no indication to me that I would fail it during the pre-vetting stages.