Government Finance Profession Ac


Anyone going or had any experience of this?


I’ve got it on the 14th (tomorrow).
Have you had yours yet?


Freelancer gives a good overview of his AC on the link below


Me to. Good luck


I’ve had an offer for Home Office starting April 2012 - anyone else?



I have got an offer for the Department of Transport, also hoping to start in April as need to finish off my current contract. Have you heard anything else since the offer email?


Hi Louise. Ive also had an offer for Dept of Transport. I got an initial call in December to offer me a place. They said HR would call me once all security checks were complete in the new year to discuss start dates. Im not sure when that will be but I’ll let you know when I hear anything more.



Yeah same here, i have had a call and an email (21st December), but havent heard anything since. Hopefully we will have somethnig in writing in the next couple of weeks.




I’ve been offered DWP to start in September and received an official HR letter via post and some stuff via email that I have to sign and return to formally accept the offer.

I was at the AC on the 12th December. Has anyone been told what their salary will be yet or any other benefits? I’ve just had info on the salary bands.



HI Kathryn

When did you receive your letter and information?

The salaries are in the original information packs for each department - these are still on the website. I think it also includes other benefits, such as holidays, pensions, season tickets etc too.



I only received the letter on Friday, I wouldn’t worry, each department has seperate procedures I believe.

Is anyone moving to London? I am moving down from Birmingham, looking for people to flatshare if anyone is interested?


Anyone going to this for 2013 intake?!


And can anyone confirm whether there have been changes since Freelancer’s description and last years 2011/2012 AC?!
Any help will be fully appreciated and I will share alike :slight_smile:


Hey Gradd
I received an e-mail earlier today with an invite for an AC

Not sure whether it’s changed since Freelancers. Was exactly the same last year.


Hi Map_patel,
So last years was still the same format/details as freelancers?
What was the interview like can I ask? Was the whole day tough?
And same as you I received the email today about the AC. Which one have you gone for?


Yh, the exercises were the same, each candidate with a different timetable.
The interview started off with a few (3 as far as i can remember) competency questions, and then questioning based on the behavioural questionnaire we’ll be doing before the AC that they mentioned in the e-mail.

The day is definitely tough as you’re under quite a bit of pressure throughout the day.
Most people found the Written Exercise exceptionally tough. no-one I asked finished it.
The interview and other 2 exercies are near enough the same level of other AC’s, nowhere near as tough as the written exercise though.

Picked the 5th Dec, most of the dates I’ll be too busy on. What about you?


Same I’ve picked that date too! It had the departments I’m most interested in.
So there wasn’t questions on commercial awareness side? Public sector etc?
Gosh the written exercise sounds tricky! I guess another way to see how we cope with pressure.
Thanks for the help btw! Best of luck and shall see you on the day


There might be questions like “Why public sector?” I’m searching for guidance on the AC too. I picked the 7th December… I was interested in 3 departments but they are all annoyingly on separate days so went with the one I was most interested in!


Would be great if this years candidates for the GFP Assessment Centre could let us know what the AC is like, or if it’s the same as last year! Cheers


Anyone else had responses yet??