Government Actuary's Department Online Test 2011

Government Actuary's Department

Does anyone know what the GAD online test is about. I received an email saying that the next stage will be an online test to be done on the 4th of January but no information about what it will be on. Any help will be much appreciated.


Hi gr2010,
Have you heard anything about the GAD online test yet?
I also received an email saying that the test will be sent off on 4th Jan. I checked both email and log in the GAD career account but nothing there.


Its the usual SHL tests however it is sent from Capita Resourcing, check your junk email.


Has anyone got a reply after the online tests?


No yet. The next stage is assessment centre on the week of Feb 7th


I’ve been put on the waiting list for the assesment centre incase anyone withdraws from the process. A bit dissapointed :frowning:


BYR, any luck there??
I’m wondering how is the AC at GAD looks like? I guess there won’t be a group exercise.


Hey guys,
Has anyone been to the GAD assessment centre? Does anyone know what it entails? Any help will be much appreciated.


Hey, when is yours?


Hey GrAcJo,
mine is on thursday. when is urs?


Mine is on Tuesday. I have no idea how to prepare for written exercise


Just got a call, telling me to come to the thursday assessment centre, not happy I wanted more time to prepare. Gracjo any information on tuesdays assessment centre would really be helpful.


I’d say read very carefully on your application form. They asked a lot of details base on what you told them in the application form. I.e. your university, coursework, what is stochastic modelling and etc. I was surprised there wasn’t much of competency questions.

I can’t give much advice on written exercise. Basic idea is how to draft a letter for your line manager. You got 60 minutes to read emails and understand tables with massive data.

Overall I think the GAD’s assessment is the easiest compared to others.

Byr, tell me how is yours, good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks GrAcJo, your information was really helpful. The written exercise could have gone better because I needed more time.

The interview was ok, not brilliant. The question I got stuck on was to explain to them standard deviation. Since this comes naturally to me, it was quite hard to explain. When I was speaking to the trainee, she said that they had 16 interviews and 5 places. So there is a high chance you’ll get offered a place.

Anyway they said they’ll let me know at the end of next weeks.

Fingers crossed and goodluck.


Hey everyone… I was wondering if anyone had heard back from the interviews last week?..


Hi all,

Has anyone who’s been offered a place at GAD heard back from them about the start date?


Hi atr281,

I’ve been told that the start date is ‘mid-September’ - a bit vague!
Have you been offered a job?



I have an assessment centre coming up with GAD very soon could anyone possibly help me out on any of the questions that you got asked in the interview - and possibly more detail on the written exercise…

I would really appreciate any help you could give me as I really want this job!

Thanks in advance x


Hi 1qwerty23,

How’d it go? What did it involve? Or have you not had it yet?


No i havent had it yet… when is yours? iwill let you know how it goes… mine is next week!