GOT THE JOB. Now im Terrified of Getting FIRED!


Hi everyone!

I have been posting on here alot about recent job interviews etc.
I got the job as a Buying assistant for a Large retailer. However i am on a
3 month probabtion period (which is normal)

But im SO SCARED, im going to loose it. Ive already been made redundant once, i dont
want to loose this job.

Any tips or advice anyone can give me?

I love this new job. I feel like im working so hard and tredding on egg shells so i dont say anything wrong or do anything out of line y’know??
ive only been there a WEEK!!!

How likely is it people dont pass probationary period??

any advice is GREATLYYY appreciated!



just keep working hard and make it look like you enjoy the job etc

it shouldn’t be too hard. You got the job, now keep it.

You only fail probation if you are 100% useless so don’t worry


Employers do expect new staff to make mistakes, so don’t be afraid! No one is perfect, and even employers know that. You have to try and relax, otherwise you may find yourself messing up because you are trying to hard!

Just try your best, stay focused, do what they ask you to do, show some initiative and then there will be no reason to fire you! All you can do is your best, and as long as you know that you should have the confidence to do well 