Got second interview at Deloitte for Experienced hire in Enterprise Architecture consulting


I have been called for second interview (assessment day) by Deloitte.
It is in experienced professional category for their EA consulting.

I have got
– written communication check
– presentation prepration
– partner interview
–group study

Can anyone share his/her experience of assessment.
any example of case studies…
level of difficulty etc…

Thanks a lot…



hi mshah

I have just had a call to confirm a 1st round for experienced hire for Architecture and Business Analysis, its a 1 hr interview
with a manager or potentially a partner …what was yoru 1st interview like for the experienced hire role?

thanks in advance



They ask general competency based questions in the first interview…I was asked following questions:

  1. Why do you want to join Deloitte
  2. Give me an example when you had an issue in the team and how did u resolve it
  3. What do you expect from your role
  4. Example when you have managed organisation change management
  5. Example when you had to manage scope


They have prescribed form to fill in…generally they would ask about 5-6 such questions…

no need to be nervous…generally they will make you feel comfortable…

best luck


thanks very much for the reply…:slight_smile:


Hi Mshah, have you seen the [[deloitte]] interview wiki profiles? These aren’t specifically for enterprise architecture consulting/experienced hires, but they may give you some indication of what to expect. Good luck - let us know how your [[assessment centre]] goes!


Hey Mshah, have you done your assessment centre yet? I am in the same boat - experienced hire applying for ABA consulting stream and have a technology assessment centre in 2 weeks. The schedule sounds horrific (and I’m a 3 year old Accenture consultant!), would appreciate any tips you have from your experience.



Hi Para,

I have my second round with deloitte coming up. I applied for experienced hire - EA consulting - SAP. Can you share your experience of the assessment centre?



Hi mshah,

I have my second round coming up for deloitte experienced hire - EA consulting - SAP.

Can you share your assessment centre experience?



Hi …I got call from deloitte for financial serivces - Operation consulting.- experienced hire He did a basic screening by asking questions…Not sure this was part of telephonic interview…and when is the first round of interview held after screening ?

I would like to know if any one had similar exp?


Hi rjannu,
I have an AC for experienced hires in consulting next week, i was given a full first round interview, where it was just one on one interview. Have you had your first round yet?

Does anyone have any added advise for experienced hire interview, my worry is it would be different to the graduate interview, and their expectations and questions would vary.

I have the written exercise, group exercise, case study interview, and the partner interview.

Is there any particular things they look for in the group exercise?


I have not been invited for the first round.can u tell me how much time did it
take for u after the first call?

They called me on Aug6


I wasnt actually given an initial call, i was just invited for 1st round…it might be worth calling them and chasing up on the feedback seeing as its been a while.
There very polite so i would call if i was you.


Thanks for ur advice.I called them up.I have 1hr telephonic interview next tues

Can u pls provide some input on what is it like? based…competancy based???


Mine was extremely CV based, from all my experiences, to my knowledge on my current company. Simple competency based questions, like when have i done a presentation, explain it, etc.
Why consulting, Why Deloitte.
I wouldnt panic too much about it, just make sure you know your CV.
The lady i met was really nice, which made it really nice and calm for me.


Can anyone provide some feedback on the AC for experienced hire - TI. I’ve been given to understand that there’s a written test followed by case study & interview then a group exercise and a partner interview.



Hi Wat2do87,

I cleared the first round .I have been called for AC on 22 Sep. How was your AC? Could you please share your experience .What kind of report were you given for written exercise? Business situation for Case study? group Exercise? …any other inputs are welcome



Hi Para,

I have my second round with deloitte in october, can you please share your experience with me and what you went thru ?



Hi r_coolcon,

I have my AC in October, can you please tell me how your experience will be after the AC ? Are you doing any specific preperation for this? can you please share how you are preparing for this?




I have my first round coming up for deloitte experienced hire - EA consulting - SAP.

Can you share your interview experience?



I’ve been through the Experienced Hire process recently. Same format as Mshah.

Got to say that I wasn’t at all impressed with the organisation and communication. The whole experience painted a completely different picture of Deloitte to the one that they try to portray. The day was a shambles.

I’m happy to answer any questions on the case study, essay or interviews.