Got offers at Deloitte and PwC-- ask me anything


Hi guys,

I know there are a lot of these threads already but I also know that when I was going through the interview process I couldn’t get enough of them! And I wouldn’t have gotten offers anywhere without this site, so I thought I’d give back a bit and help anyone else still slogging through the long process.

I am international (American) so I can attempt to answer any questions from that perspective too; I was definitely lost at first when it came to the psychometric testing and “competency-based interviews”!

I got offers from PwC and from Deloitte, and I accepted Deloitte.

Ask away!



Congratulations on your offers, I’m currently in the PWC process, I’ve passed the AC, and need to wait for a partner interview to be arranged.

Could you give me any tips on how the partner interview is structure, what comes up, and how you prepared.

Also what department did you apply for?



Thanks! Congrats on making it this far! I have been told the pass rate at the partner interview stage is very high so hopefully you’re in with a good chance :slight_smile:

I applied for audit.

The partner interview is super dependent on which partner you get; I was lucky that the partner I had was pretty laid-back and easy to chat to!

A lot of people advise prepping commercial awareness stuff. I would second that but I wouldn’t spend TOO much time on it. Just know enough about current business news that you could form your own opinions (should probably know about audit reform since that affects PwC as a whole, and then anything specific to your department. My partner didn’t actually ask me ANYTHING about this, but I seem to be the only one with a partner who didn’t so just be prepared!

Definitely know how your department works and what you’ll be doing; my partner wanted day-to-day specifics on my role and I wasn’t 100% prepared. Get as much info as you can!

Most of my interview was actually competency based again so brush up on the stories you used for the first interview. Have some stories that aren’t work-based, too; my partner wanted to know about a time I learned something new outside of work and I stumbled through some awful answer about learning the flute, haha. I think I was also asked about a time I had to work with someone new/meet new people.

Like I said, the pass rate is pretty high so just try to relax and be yourself! And always attempt to answer the question even if you’re totally drawing a blank. If the worst happens and you really have no idea, turn your answer into a question (i.e. “I was actually wondering about that. I saw on your website that [whatever you know]. How exactly does that work?”)

I think the best advice is to try to establish a rapport with the interviewer at the beginning. You have a couple of minutes before the interview starts where they are getting you tea and stuff and that’s a good time to have a casual chat. Helped a lot breaking the ice in my interview and if they like you from the start, your fumbles in the interview don’t matter as much!

I hope some of this helps. Best of luck in the interview! What department/office?


Hey Thanks for the advice, I just hope I can get a partner interview soon, they seem pretty booked up.

I’m applying for audit in London. What did you say for the day to day activity? I’m assuming you’d be, writing reports, hopefully helping on on site audits, shadowing senior colelagues etc.


Congrats!! Always good to know someone who is successful is offering help. I have an PwC first interview i.e telephone one in few days, Can you explain some of your telephone question/experiences, will it be competency based or mix with technical and general. Any special preparation for the technical domain I’m applying for?

Help Appreciated,


can you tell me your reasoning for choosing Deloitte over Pwc? :slight_smile:




@AbdurC: Yeah, I’m sure London audit partners are swamped right now! Don’t worry, though; they’ll get you in eventually. :slight_smile:

You’re basically on the right track. My partner grilled me a little on what happens at on-site audits, so know the specifics of what you’ll be doing (i.e. what kinds of paperwork you’ll be dealing with, like bank statements, etc.) and who you’ll be meeting with at an office. I didn’t know much about this at all and sort of bumbled along, haha. My partner asked a lot of leading questions which helped. I think they just want to see you attempt an answer/that you have looked at the website; after all, the whole point is that they will train you to do this stuff!

@k2shane: Several reasons-- one of the reasons is that I was talked into applying for audit at PwC when I really wanted to do tax (long story), so the tax position at Deloitte was more appealing to me. The main reason for me, though, was how friendly Deloitte was t me throughout the whole interview process. Everyone at PwC was lovely, but I did feel a bit like a number going through sometimes.

Deloitte paired me up with a graduate recruiter right after etray day. There were a lot of visa issues I had to wait through before my partner interview, and my recruiter called every week just to check in and make sure I knew what was happening on their end. Even if she didn’t have any news, she still called to make sure I knew I wasn’t forgotten! I really felt like she wanted me to get the job as much as I did, haha. Not to mention that after I got the position, she of course called me (genuinely excited!) to let me know, but also the first person I interviewed with wrote me to congratulate me personally and say how much he looked forward to working with me, and the PARTNER actually CALLED to offer personal congratulations.

I’m sure it’s an office by office thing, and like I said, everyone at PwC was lovely to me as well, but I have been told a lot that Deloitte is the “friendliest” big 4, and I definitely found that to be true. :slight_smile:

Are you facing a similar choice then?


Thanks alot man.It is really helpful.I have got a PwC telephone interview coming up.

How specific are the commercial awareness questions.?

Do they want us to have a 100% understanding or just the overall impact of news on the business sector we are applying to?

Thanks @ silverlily35


Telephone interview wasn’t specific at all on commercial awareness. Asked about my understanding of the qualification (get a lot of detail on this if you can-- the more you know, the better!), then asked for one news story and how it affected PwC. Don’t even remember there being follow up questions. It’s a very scripted interview; you’re not going to get grilled! Just pick something you can talk confidently about for a couple minutes.


@ silverlily35
Cheers mate.This has given me direction on how to preapre at the telephone interview stage.


Can you remember what the status of your online application was after you completed your e-tray? Is the status of your online application supposed to change once you complete your e-tray? Thanks.



Im wondering if u asked me or silverlily35


I am asking anyone who can answer really. I think my status has changed since my e-tray. It now says ‘your interview has been confirmed’, but nobody has contacted me yet, that’s why I am confused. I have already had a first interview.

Thanks for helping me on this :slight_smile:


@ Justne-L silverlily is the one to answer this.

I have telephoned interview booked on 15th.

Any suggestions on the questions asked will be appreciated Justine-L

Wish of best of luck


@ nainy4

The commercial awareness questions I was asked were mainly about the industry and any challenges that companies in the private sector are facing at the moment or any current issues, difference between internal and external audit etc.
I was asked what I thought I would be doing in my first year, and who were the key people I would be working with.
I was also asked about my knowledge of the qualification and the qualities that an auditor should have to succeed in his/her job.


@ Justine-L

Cheers bud


Hi Silverlily, how long after your e-tray did Deloitte take to let you know that you passed?


Hey! Starting at Deloitte this October :slight_smile: Didn’t apply to PWC as I really liked deloitte from the start!


Hello, I have a final interview for pwc tax, any tips?