Got an offer from EY!but what if i get a 2.2?


Hi guys,

Im in a bit of a sticky situation with regards to my job. Basically i didnt do so well in my jan exams and now need to average 64 in second semester to get a 2.1. I am working hard now but I just wanted to know that if get unlucky (or mess up) and get a 2.2, will EY still take me on? I applied to tax in london. I would really appreciate your help.



You might get lucky, but it’s certainly not guaranteed and if you really want the job then you know exactly what you need to be doing for the next 3 -4 months!


If you did get a 2.2 then EY will withdraw your offer, unless you can prove that you hasve mitigating circumstances. I know someone who had their offer withdraw last year because they got a 2.2


Sorry to be blunt but this is a bit of a no brainer. The target is a 2.1 so that’s what you should be working for. In this climate the big 4 can choose from any amount of 2.1 applicants so may feel less inclined to make an exception. Do you have good reasons why you didn’t do well in the January exams?
You say you need to average 64, well that’s not too onerous surely?
Be positive in your outlook. Go and do well. Good luck!