Got an offer for 2015 Assurance PwC London, Happy to help!!


Hi guys, I got an offer from PwC Assurance, and will be joining in April 2015. I would be happy to answer any question you have for application, telephonic interview, Assessment Centre or the Partner interview.
Wikijobs has been really helpful so want to give back something from my side. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Can I ask how long it took from completion of online tests to getting an offer? I’m not sure whether it’s worth applying for April intake, I wonder if they still have vacancies.


Thank you. I had applied for the September intake 2014 however as I went on a holiday in April 2014, my application got delayed so PwC HR suggested to move my application to April 2015. Yes of course they will have vacancies as they recently opened their graduate positions for April intake.
The process won’t take more than 2 months if you follow up with them keenly. Hope that helps


Hi Oomkks congratulations on the offer and thanks for sharing

Any tips/suggestions for the AC, has it changed in any way according to the new PwC professional framework?

Any help appreciated



Hi, I have passed the AC and going to do my shadowing week at PWC. I would like to know the return rate for shadowing week.

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good when exactly did you start the process and how long did it take


thats good to know got a delay with mine and its really depressing but your story gives me some hope


Hi @oomkks could you please check your inbox, i sent a private message about the partner interview!

Many thanks!


Hiya, firstly congrats on your job offer! I was wondering if you could please shed some light on the telephone interview in terms of type of questions they ask? and also if you remember some of the questions, that would be very helpful thanks! =)


great! First to congratulate! And I want to know how do you prepare for the online test? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the offer!! Do you have any tips on the numerical reasoning tests? I cant get above to 30th percentile in the practice tests. Also does anybody know what percentile they require? Thanks :slight_smile:


congratulations! can you share your AC experience? Thank you in advance!


Hey Jessie, my advice would be to practice on the assessmentday website to buy a pack that you need, that’s what I used, I also just Googled for practice tests and did the free practices on around 3-4 links on the search results =) Good luck!


Hey! Thank you so much for your offer to help and also congrats on your offer!! I was just wondering if you remembered some of the questions from the telephone interview? Thanks


Thanks for your advice !


Hey, I wanted to ask a couple of questions, when exactly did you have your AC and do you remember what the topic of your written exercise was? Like what it was about because I’ve heard that that’s the hardest part. Also any tips on the written exercise? Thanks



I was wondering if you can elaborate on your written exercise for the AC? i.e. topic, structure, how the booklet of info was laid out etc.
Am i right in saying you can just skim the booklet and pick out key info then start writing?

Any info would be appreciated.



Hello every one,

I hope you all are in good faith. I wanted to get some information from you people regarding the assessment centre as I am in the process of applying for an internship with PwC. Any information will be appreciated and one specific question that I have is what was the topic in written exercise and how do you guys manage to read 16 pages in 10 minutes.



Is there anyone who attended 29 September Assessment Centre in London Bridge office?


Has anyone had experience from a partner interview with these new competencies?

If so:
How different was it to previous experiences posted on here?
Can you remember your questions? (Especially any unexpected ones!?)
Any advice?

Best of luck to everyone!