Got an offer at PwC London Assurance, happy to give advice


Hey guys

I just got an offer for London Assurance, so thought I’d share my experience. My post is mainly going to focus on the partner interview, because when I was preparing that’s what I found there was less on. But if you wanna know anything else, feel free to PM me

So as most people have mentioned, the partner interview is mainly just to see whether the partner likes you and whether you’ll fit in to the firm. But obviously you have to prepare for competencies, commercial awareness and career motivation.

I think the key points for any partner interview is
be yourself,
be coherent and concise
and make conversation, ( My interview was on a monday, so he asked how my weekend was and I asked about his, so we had a little chat
definitely ask questions at the end too

Competency questions

  • pretty standard, make sure you use the STAR technique,…the competencies they use as final interview competencies on their website. the way mine were asked, they were pretty general…tell me a time you’ve been innovative etc

Commercial Awareness

I think I had at least 3/4 commercial awareness questions…they key is when your doing these, always think…how will effect pwc/ pwc’s clients / how can pwc help.
What I prepared, was the Eurozone crisis, the Uk economy,the audit reforms, the uk competition commission investigation and a few particular business stories, which involved pwc, or pwc clients…To be honest my knowledge on the eurozone and uk economy was crap. When preparing I was trying to understand every small aspect, i’d say your alright having a general idea of whats going on and the consequences.

Business Stories I spoke about were, the HP/Autonomy scandal ( PWC did forensic on it) , Sonys downgrade to junk status ( PWc Client)
Others I had prepared were
Reckit Benckiser M&A ( PwC Client), and SABMIller M&A( PWC Client)…All happened in last 2 weeks. I personally just read FT,. and used wikipedia and google. For the Audit reforms Pwc has their own document on it, and Pwcs views on it…definitely worth a read.

Career Motivation…Why Pwc, why assurance etc

If you have any other q let me know, or PM me :slight_smile:


Just wanted to add exactly what I was asked in case anyone wanted to know…

So I went in, had a little chat, spoke about the weekend, …I think being friendly and trying to make convo definitely helps

Then he asked, why the subjects I chose, and why I chose my elective modules. and then why accounting.

He Also asked about my work experience, and what I’ve learnt there that will be useful at PwC

Then he asked me if id read anything interesting in the news recently,

he asked about a time Id been given feedback, and what I did about it, which lead me to talking about how i became president of the finance society
so he asked me about the stuff we do, I said debates etc, he asked on what…so I said on eurozone, audit reforms etc then he asked me what i think about it ( the eurozone crisis), then he asked me what i think about the uk economy

he said I must have to build a lot of relationships, how do I do that?

tell me about a time Ive done something innovative

then he asked if I wanted to ask him any questions


Congrats AbdurC!!!

Just got an offer for London Tax as well, feel free to PM me with any questions :slight_smile:


Hi Abdur,

First, congratulation for getting an offer from Pwc. Secondly, I have my first telephone interview tomorrow for ‘Risk Assurance’, London, April 2013 Intake. I have been preparing for the past few days, but just wondering if you could give any advice for first interview? I have heard that in the end of interview they ask if we want to ask anything, so can you please give me an idea what sort of questions one should ask exactly? Thanks.


Hi AbdurC,

Congrats on your offer! Do you remember some specific questions on competencies , motivation and commercial awareness? Thanks


Hi, …my interview is for actuarial consulting. any advice? pls, thanks


Hey Tanwi

thanks, all the specific questions I was asked are in the second post above.
Career motivation was why accounting, why the modules you chose, what skills have you learnt from your previous work experience that you can apply at pwc

commerical awareness was pretty open, just what have you read in the news etc


Congrats!! Can you tell me more about the assessment centre? is there a short presentation after the written report? thanks


Hi AbdurC!
Congrats for the offer! After the Partner Interview, how long did they take to inform you of the offer? I had mine on the 13th of December and still have not heard anything.
Thanks :slight_smile:


I had my interview on Friday 14 and the partner said they usually get back within 48 hours that should hear back Monday so hoping I get positive feedback today. So nervous


@ Phyllis8

as far as I know there isn’t, its just a written report, and if you read all the other threads on wikijob, they’re pretty good at telling you how to format and structure the report. I found that task the hardest, it seemed more time pressured then the rest…

Good luck


@ Qwerty01

yeah they say 48 hours, but I waited a week and a half, so as they say…no news is good news.
Good luck, Im sure both you and Fummi will get positive answers.

What division did you apply to


I just hope to get a positive response :)…I have applied for a placement year in Assurance/Risk Assurance in London.


Hi could you share your answer for the following question: Why have you selected PwC as the place to start your career and, importantly, why have you chosen this particular area? (maximum 500 words)*. Many thanks.


I didnt get asked that, I got asked why the division. What division are you going into? Tbh. questions like this, it’s better to put what you think yourself in my opinion


Thanks for answering. I am going for Assurance. Yeah you are right, just wanted some ideas :wink:


oh ok…I said…the services that assurance provide are at the core of all of what goes on in the financial markets, and investor decisions…and I want to be a part of that. and then all the usual…get to be on site, get business experience, the ACA, and its a client facing role with a lot of variety

Good luck


Hello, I am now applying PwC Audit programme but have no idea how to write as good as possible in terms of “Why have you chosen PwC as the place to start your career?” and “Why have you chosen PwC as the place to start your career?” What preparation I should do to write them better, like reading some materials or what else? And what the answer should be like? Thanks a lot!


Hi, could you suggest me answers for :Why have you chosen PwC as the place to start your career?

(max 500 words)*
Please describe your understanding of what work you’ll be doing in the area you’ve applied to. (500 words) field is assurance.