Got an offer! Ask me anything :)


I got offered a position as an Assurance Associate at PwC! This site helped me A LOT, so now i’m giving back!


what questions did you get in your partner interview & what did you use to practice for the assessment centre tests(logical & maths)?


What did you use to practice for the SHL tests and any sort of guidance for the tests in general?


Can i know what are the tips of passing PWC online aptitude test ? I was trying to get an internship with PwC but I failed my aptitude test. Please help. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Need urgent help here!!

I am an international student with an offer from a BIG 6 accounting firm. I have my undergrad from an international university converting to a 2.2 on UK scale. However, I have done well in postgrad and scored a first from a UK university.

I am not sure what to make of my undergrad conversion even though I have a strong first in masters. I have stated true and accurate information in my application and so far the firm has not looked up my academic certifications. I have heard that many applicants had their offers withdrawn for different reasons by the firm while making background checks.

Is it possible that my 2.2 in undergrad in any capacity can jeopardise my conditional offer regardless of my first in postgrad? Somebody please help me out, how much does it matter when the firms conduct background checks?



Thanks for nothing bdw!