Got a degree - should I do AAT?


hi everyone,

I would like to know if its worth having a degree in Accounting and Finance and then going to college to do AAT?

There seems to be a lot more jobs for AAT than a graduate.



Totally not worth it, you would find that you are exempt from loads of the AAT exams anyway because of your degree. If you want to go down the accounting route you should look into the foundation levels of the chartered qualifications. CIMA have a foundation level that anyone can do and you don’t need to be in the work place while you study. ACA have also recently introduced a foundation level which is a stepping stone to the chartered quals. You would probably be more attractive to an employee with either one of those quails, bu they are expensive! And with your degree you should be able to walk lower level accounting jobs. Have you actually applied to any?


I have been looking at training schemes, unfortunately i do not have a grade B in Maths and English Language GCSE. (i got C’s) and I dont have enough UCAS points to apply.
I do have a 2.1 degree :smiley:

What Lower accounting jobs were you suggesting?
As I have been looking for assistant accountant roles and thats where I have been seeing a lot of demand for AAT members rather than graduates.

Do you know if ACCA have foundation levels for me to start at? or will i require to have some work experience to even begin ACCA?



hmm internships require good gcses and a levels too :confused: