good news and bad news


good one is I passed the AC of KPMG
Bad one is the office I applied to has no more vacancies.

I was given a choice to move to Leeds, Aberdeen or Ipswich in Corp Tax, or Birmingham in People Services Tax

What should I choose? What is actually People Services Tax? Tax service for individual ?



From the website:

People-focused services

KPMG’s Tax teams offer a wide variety of people-focused services. These range from taxation and compliance advice for private clients, to assisting client organisations in areas like International Executive Services. Our activities are diverse in scope, but can be grouped according to the different business issues we help clients tackle.

Dealing with whole workforces, we help clients with their overall employment costs. Do they have the right balance between salary, flexible benefits and longer-term rewards such as share plans? Are they keeping up with best practice in their marketplace? How are they responding to HMRC’s new approach to PAYE compliance? Do they understand their risks and how to mitigate them?

We also advise clients on key issues for senior executives. What elements of personal performance can influence company performance, for example, and is this being accurately measured and reflected in incentive and bonus payments? More generally, is boardroom pay managed in line with corporate governance best practice? And as tax and pension rules change, are senior executives kept up-to-date and advised on the options to take?

Clients often turn to us as well for specialist advice regarding global employees. When someone is resident in one country but working in another, are the parent company and local entities ensuring that all home and host country tax requirements are properly met? Is the employee’s social security position protected? Does the employer have expatriate policies and tax and social security strategies in place to deal with mobile employees?

Please note that the following offices offer our People based Tax route: London, Gatwick, Bristol, Reading, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Preston, Edinburgh and Glasgow


joyrevision, thank you, it’s helpful and ur vvvvv kind


Nae bother, I’m going into People Services too after Corporate filled up so I was similarly confused :wink:


Hi gameinuk…well done on your pass!

In addition to the choice of service line…if you want any comment on the cities my tuppence is below…

I would reccomend the Leeds office…I’ve met a few people from there and they seem fantastic. Great location too, bang in the city centre next to the train station. Leeds the place is as you find it really…quite trendy/studenty nightlife wise…all the shops you could desire but a bit thin on anything else. Yorkshire is a fantastic county though and the people coudn’t be nicer.

I would also say Aberdeen might be a good choce…it’s an interesting city…not really like any other in the UK. Can’t explain why…you have to experience it and no better time than as a graduate. It’ll also be handy for your training in Edinburgh. It has a really diverse range of businesses in the area with a massive agricultural sector bang up against the oil industry, several universities with commercial R and D arms, and a sizeable aviation sector (associated wth the oil).

A word on Ipswich…I don’t know the area and I’m sure it’s lovely, and I’m sure the office has it’s own advantages. However, when I was asking about an earlier start HR said the only positions were in Ipswich and she hinted very heavily that I should wait for my original choice. Take from that what you will.

Good luck!



Thanks L_L

I believe I finally got the offer from Bham office. (Its still in the royal mail van at the moment)

Something about the possible redundancy in KPMG

Partner told me it is TRUE , but graduates are relatively safe.