Good bye wikijobs-It was a nice experience


I have been here all around for 2 months now, it was a good experience. I was all set to attend my Assessment Center for KPMG in Birmingham on 26th but unfortunately my visa application is refused on some really silly grounds. So goodbye KPMG , good bye wikijobs , goodbye Birmingham.


Nooo… don’t leave us Uzairch! Stick around and keep us posted on your progress outside of the UK - remember WikiJob is international!!


Sure I will but its something really sad that happened with me , my presentation was ready everything was well prepaired but this unfortunate thing happened. Nevertheless I have a call from EY in my home country.


Good look mate, hopefully things will work out.


oh dear…how unlucky…
anyway, wish you all the best in your home country!


I’m sorry to hear it. I’ve had tricky immigration issues as well and have been feeling quite hampered by them. Best of luck Uzairch in the future.


Hey Uzairch,so sorry to hear about that.But,have you considered appealing against the decision?You could give it a shot before giving up you know.If you believe the refusal was based on “silly reasons” then you owe yourself the opportunity to at least try and prove your case.Who knows…all the very best


the more ridiculous thing is that i am not given any right of appeal.


even if there is a right of appeal it takes 6 months for the decision to come KPMG cannot wait that long for me. One option is to defer my application and try next year coz this year its hard to come to UK because of poor economic conditions…

Reasons of refusal were : You dont have any property or business or dependent family/children and have no job which will force you to return to your home country after you complete your visit to UK

How can i have a property or family at the age of 22. If I have a business why should I apply for a place at KPMG.


You are one of the true contributers in this forum, and thank you very much for all the good job you’ve done. When unlucky, think of lucky days coming ahead. It is impossible to be unlucky all the time. Wish you very best in your career.


Alright,now I understand.All the very best then.The bright side is you already have an opportunity calling back home so,once you’re able to get in to E&Y and become a professional in your own right,obtaining a HSMP/Resident Permit wont be difficult.


Well I still have plenty of professional exam passes in my bag, I am CIMA affiliate, ICAEW 8 exams pass, ACCA 4 exams pass (eligible for full exemption from fundamental levels) and CA foundation Pakistan. I only lacked work experience (have 4 months Deloitte experience) otherwise I could have gone for HSMP.


Then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.With your qualifications,you’ll soon become a much sought after professional once you gain relevant work experience.Don’t let the visa refusal dampen your spirit.You’ve got a bright future ahead!