Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs


Has anyone heard from GS for graduate scheme?





Nothing yet. My application has been under review for quite a while.


Got a first round phone interview. Informed yesterday. Which division are you guys applying in ?


Applied for wealth, you?
My app has been under consideration for long time as well! …


Applied for Global Investment Research, just completed my 1st round, waiting for results. Anyone else applied for GIR too?


Hey, Ive applied for GIR as well. Telephone interview next week. Any pointers ?


Which country did you apply for? I think it depends on the country


Uk - London


I applied for Asia position. My interview lasted 20 min, asking me about my past experiences, education, why that location, why I think I will fit GIR and 1 stock pitch. Good luck and keep us posted!


thanks! hope it works out for you!


I’ve applied for London as well. Good luck to both! :slight_smile:
irussia1990, when is your phone interview? Any idea what the recruiting schedule is like ? (phone + 2 rounds ? )


Hey guys, I got invited for another round of phone interview but the interviewer did not fix a time. Should I request her to fix a time? Will it be rude as the interviewer is from GIR not HR.