Goldman Sachs - work permit applications?

Goldman Sachs

I’ve tried my best to find out if Goldman Sachs accept work permit applications. The site does not even provide any details about contacting recruitment. Does anyone know?


Thanks for the advice Andy. I’ve looked and looked but I can’t find any small firms that accept work permit applications. Also, my chances of getting a 2:1 degree are quite small as well because I had a tough second year. So I am applying to two of the Big 4 accountancy firms and possibly 1 or 2 finance jobs in a consulting or investment bank. If I fail the application process, I’ll just have to keep re-applying!



I am sure they do. BUT as an international student myself, the chances of landing a graduate job at Goldman Sachs is extremely slim if you have no work experience unless you are from a top uni with first class. They can only hire you IF they can prove that they cannot find someone else which is more suitable to get the job. Goldman Sachs gets like 20,000 applications each year and even if you are damn good; what are the chances of them not able to find another suitable candidate? It is a rule by the EU. I know is very unfair and I feel it too but there is nothing we can do about it other than keep on trying. I would suggest you focus on smaller firms first then try again when you have good work experience.



Consulting and Investment banking are the 2 most sought after jobs for graduates! It is good to try big firms but it is better to focus on mid-tier firms. Start small, work hard, go big! =) Good luck…I am currently looking for a job as well.


My strategy right now is to find as many firms that accept work permit applications and apply gradually throughout the course of the year. Maybe not the wisest strategy… but I haven’t found any mid-tier firms apart from Mazars. Best of luck to you too!


There are a lot of other mid-tier firms like Smith & Williamson and BDO that do apply work permit. There is another one call HW Fisher too. I think the most important thing for you now is to really focus on getting a 2.1. Even if you got an offer from the big four for example, they will terminate the agreement straight away if your results are not 2.1.

2.2 and 2.1 really makes a lot of difference! Good luck!


I’ll definitely note down those firms… I think I’ll just send off two applications for now because I spent quite a lot of time on them! You are absolutely right that I should focus on getting that 2:1… I just have a couple of weeks off before my term starts… so no harm done really… Once again, thank you for the advice!


I’d be very surprised if [[Goldman Sachs]] don’t provide [[work permit]]s. I suggest you call their switchboard and ask to speak to someone from recruitment. [[Goldman Sachs|Goldman]] receive about 20,000 applications for around 200 places a year, so there is a lot of competition.

[[BDO Stoy Hayward]] and [[Smith & Williamson]], both primarily mid-tier accounting firms, also have forays in this industry, so are worth looking at.


yeah i’ll do that… Thanks, chrism2671! … don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier!


GS definately applies for a work permit on your behalf. Unfortunately, unless it is made clear on the website, for many firms you will know whether they will apply for work permit only after you actually apply for the role.
I had an interview experience at GS while ago.


Hi, I’m very curious where I can get a list of employers willing to apply work permit for potential candiadates? Especially in the financial services.