Goldman Sachs - tips for getting an interview for Investment Banking?!

Goldman Sachs

Does anyone have any tips for actually how to get an interview at Goldman Sachs?! …Some advice would be really very useful and I’d be realllllllly thankful!!


What kind of advice are you looking for? Have you applied yet? Needless to say, you need to apply before you can get an interview!


Hi Chris, I want to apply but I want to make sure I get an interview! What kind of person do thye employ? How can I make my application something that would lead to an interview? What is the best way to make them take notice of me? What are they looking for from candidates!!!


Goldman Sachs is very competitve. They will receive 20,000 applications for about 200 places. They are look for utter excellence, both academically and in everything else you do. Strong analytical skills are a must, so if you have a technical degree like maths or a science, this will help you immeasurably. You will need at least a 2.1, or ideally a first class. Around 50% of their intake will come from LSE, Oxford & Cambridge, so if you go to one of these university that is a good start.

When you make your application, make sure that you show clear commitment to your career, and what you have already done that suggest you want a career in investment banking. Make sure you also clearly indicate that you understand what it is and what goldman sachs do.

Make sure your application is very well written and you have taken time to check it over. If there are mistakes this will be disastrous for you.

Make sure you are well prepared for the online tests. If you do not pass these tests, you will not proceed to interview. They are not difficult, but it helps to have had some practice first.

Goldman Sachs will interview thousands of graduates so there is a good chance you will get an interview if your application is up to scratch.

If you have specific questions about how to tackle parts of the application, post them!

Oh and lastly, don’t hang all your hopes on either Goldman or investment banking in general. Many thousands apply each year and are not successful, that’s just the way it is.


How do the online tests of GS look like? Are they difficult ot very difficult? Could somebody give an example?

Thanks in advance


As far as I remember, GS doesnt do online testing. If you make it through the application stage, they will ask you to come to their office to give the numerical test and if you pass, then you will have the first round interview the following day.

Usually, these test days and the interviews days are University specific. For example, everyone (who got selected) from LSE get called in for the test in 1 day and have their interviews in the following day. So, the cycle is university specific. Dont know about those who dont go to LSE, Oxbridge.


Anyone got interview with GS this year?




my application was rejected within 1 weeek after submition without giving my any reason. but i was told that they want to keep my docs on file and may contact me for future vacancies :-))



hi stas,

what area did you apply to? I applied to technology no response from them yet?


@CK: I’ve applied for a graduate position within IB


position in IB


anyone based in Asia and has heard from GS?
I applied for Securities division.